Top 10 mistakes we all make with our phones, watch out for the battery

We’ve been watching you a bit lately and we’ve noticed that you’ve been doing a lot of crap on a daily basis. Already, you make lots of bad mistakes for your house but you also make mistakes with your dishwasher and mistakes with your washing machine. In fact, you are unable to be independent, fortunately we are here to give you advice. Today, we’re going to help you take care of your smartphone that cost you an arm and two kidneys, you better listen to us.

1. Letting your phone charge overnight

Letting your phone charge too long is useless and damages the battery. If your phone stays at 100% for too long, it uses energy unnecessarily which ends up damaging it.

What to do : Charge your phone during the day and live at night.

Top 10 mistakes we all make with our phones watch
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2. Use your phone when it’s plugged in

When your phone is charging, you have to leave it alone and find yourself another occupation. Already your phone fails to charge properly if used because it will gain and lose battery at the same time. In addition, using your phone plugged in risks overheating, which damages the battery again and again.

What to do : Juggling your phone when it’s plugged in doesn’t use up the battery.

3. Download battery management apps

Beware of applications that claim to optimize and better manage your phone’s battery. If it’s not a pre-installed app, it might consume more battery than it saves and you’ll be inundated with pop-up notifications.

What to do : Download Raid Shadow Legends and play ten hours without stopping.

Top 10 mistakes we all make with our phones watch
Picture credits: Topito

4. Keep its hull when loading

Removing your case every time you charge your phone may seem like a bit of a hassle, but it’s important to do it once in a while. Why ? Always for the same reason, the shell can cause the phone to overheat and therefore damage it in the long term.

What to do : Not having a shell at all, it’s useless these things. In addition, it allows you to discover the stages of mourning when you break your phone.

5. Completely drain the phone battery

“Ah my phone has only 2% battery left, I would have to recharge it”. And then you forget. And your phone turns off. You tell yourself that it’s not serious but in fact it’s super mega serious because lithium-ion batteries work correctly between 30% and 80% of charge. Plus, every time your phone turns completely off, a baby cat dies somewhere in the world.

What to do : Drain your pint of beer entirely instead, your phone will thank you.

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6. Use any charger

We are inevitably tempted to use two-bullet magazines when we see the price of those from the official supplier. The problem is that these chargers do not contain protection against overcharging the battery (and therefore it can damage it, again). In addition, the use of these types of chargers may invalidate the phone’s manufacturer’s warranty.

What to do : Pray very hard for your phone to charge itself, with the strength of your mind.

7. Use your phone when it’s very cold

Using your phone when it’s cold is never recommended (when skiing for example) because the battery discharges much faster. At extreme temperatures (between -20°C and -40°C), the internal system can even freeze and fail.

What to do : Instead, use your phone in the middle of the desert under 60°C (no).

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8. Never turn off your phone

Why would we turn off our phone when we use it absolutely all the time? To save his life, for example (I’m exaggerating a bit). Cell phones, like laptops, are not made to stay on standby all the time.

What to do : Turn off your phone forever and live on love and fresh water.

9. Fall asleep with your phone on

For the moment, nothing has been proven concerning the negative impact of the waves, but there is no point in tempting the devil by sleeping with your phone three centimeters from your brand new beautiful brain. Better to put it nicely on a bedside table to leave it a little quiet.

What to do : Wear an aluminum foil suit to protect yourself from the waves (and the Aliens).

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10. Abusing the use of fast/wireless chargers

Even if these technologies are really practical, they are unfortunately not without danger for the battery of your phone. By using a fast charger, you put the battery under a higher voltage and it will therefore heat up faster (it never stops heating). Same for the induction charger which requires more effort from your poor little smartphone.

What to do : Use an induction hob instead. Less efficient but less dangerous for the battery.

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