Top 10 Mistakes We All Make With Our Pets, According To Vets

Having a pet is taking a step. We tend to take it lightly, to think that anyway apart from licking us this new furry thing will not require any effort. It is obviously false. Certainly it’s less restrictive than a baby (and at least if he dies, we won’t go to prison for ill-treatment), but he’s not a plush either. Here are ten things not to do, but that we tend to do when in fact we shouldn’t do it because we shouldn’t do it.

1. Yell at them when they do something stupid

It’s the ultimate mistake we all make with dogs or cats (goldfish, it’s rarer) when they have had the good taste to piss on our bed. Well, it’s normal to be a little on edge, but you have to understand that an animal peeing on your bed is a sign that there is a problem (dirty litter, lack of food, stress, urinary tract infections ). In short, unless you’ve never taught him where his toilet was, if he pisses on your bed it’s because he wants to tell you something (too cute). So yelling won’t do anything except stress him out even more and make the problem worse.

Top 10 mistakes we all make with our pets, according to vets

2. Don’t play with them too much by saying that basically they don’t give a damn about this miserable piece of string

The life of a pet is already not ultra fun. This poor beast spends its life waiting for you to come home and doing nothing all day (the dream). So if you completely ignore it when you get home, you sit in front of the TV in lose mode, it’s not going to do. You have to play with him as much as possible. In the morning when you wake up, in the evening before going to bed. If you wanted a rug, you had to go to Ikea, it would have cost you less.

Top 10 mistakes we all make with our pets, according to vets

3. Leaving them alone too long

Of course the ability to stay alone varies from one animal to another and some are not at all compatible with a working life. However, they generally support your absence for the day, you just have to not abuse it too much either by spending a whole week coming home at 1am drunk every night. Well yes, but that’s how it is!

4. Wake them up while they’re playing pionce

When your cat makes you miserable at 4 a.m., you may be tempted to make him pay by waking him up as soon as he doesze off during the day. In fact, it’s a mistake, it’s not because your cat sleeps less that he won’t pull your hair out at night, on the contrary. You have to let him walk normally.

5. Feed Them Anyhow

On the food, we often do nawak with the cattle. Already for cats it is necessary to alternate between croquettes and wet food (of the mash type) so that it hydrates, avoid croquettes too rich in cereals, bet on proteins and vegetables to donf, do not ration its food etc. For dogs too, we must be rigorous and in general, we must not share our food with them. Already because what we eat is not always exquisite from a nutritional point of view (yes it is indeed the reheated burger that you made yourself last night shamefully I think), but above all because it is the best way to fatten them up quickly. And then we end up with a beast that has diabetes. And I can guarantee you it’s no fun.

Top 10 mistakes we all make with our pets, according to vets

6. Put only one litter for several cats

When you have several twinks, you foolishly tell yourself that a large crate will suffice. But it is a mistake. Cats need to have their own crate free from other people’s odors. So not only do you need as many litter boxes as cats, but you also have to educate your cats to go well in their own litter boxes.

7. Use several words for the same order

This is especially true for dogs (because it is often more difficult to give orders to a cat or a tarantula must be said). When you teach him to do something like “sit” or “sort my papers”, you have to remember to always repeat the same formula each time, otherwise you screw up. Moreover, he will understand a one-word command better than a complex sentence such as “dear animal, would you be so kind as to do the dishes?” “.

8. Not brushing their teeth

I admit that I myself fall from the clouds in the face of this shattering revelation. But yes, it seems that even pets are subject to toothbrushing (weekly, even!). In fact, it does not seem that many apply this rule but it is a problem that veterinarians raise, because too many animals end up with dental infections due to these bad treatments. Anyway, ask your vet for advice because of course you have to have the right gear (put away that tube of Colgate for me immediately).

Top 10 mistakes we all make with our pets, according to vets
Picture credits: Topito

9. Don’t clip their claws

A small oversight that can have serious consequences. If you don’t know how, you ask your vet to teach you (it doesn’t cost very much to have it done, but it’s an easy expense to avoid).

10. Hug her too much

We are quickly tempted to replace our cat with our guy or our girl, groping him tirelessly and all day long. It’s good to show him your affection but stay stable even when he’s not your child, you have to accept to leave him a little cushy. It will be better for him and better for your social integrity.

Top 10 mistakes we all make with our pets, according to vets

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