Top 10 mistakes we all make with fruit, it’s too stupid

We have already told you about the mistakes not to make with your fridge because it wastes energy unnecessarily and you trash food without realizing it. This obviously concerns fruits and so we decided to make a dedicated article with lots of tips for enjoying this summer.

1. Remove the pits from the cherries in the clafoutis

When making a cherry clafoutis, do not hesitate to leave the pits. So yes, it’s super boring to eat but it allows the cherries to keep their juice. When the juice from the cherries drips into the rest of the pie, it gets ugly.

In real life I will continue to remove the pits, the clafoutis may be ugly but I am less likely to suffocate to death with each bite.

Top 10 mistakes we all make with fruit its too

2. Put all the fruit in the fridge

When you put away your shopping after going to the market on Sunday like a little old man who can no longer sleep in, it is important not to put all the fruit in the fridge. But be careful, you shouldn’t leave them all out either. Apples, berries and grapes should stay in the fridge, but other fruits prefer to continue to ripen a little.

3. Store apples with other fruits

If you still don’t know that at your old age, you really need this top. Apples produce and give off a lot of ethylene, a gas that causes fruit to ripen. Do not leave them too close to other ripe fruits because they will mold very quickly. This is also the case for bananas, melon and passion fruit.

4. Remove the skin from the peaches

It’s a shame to remove the skin from the peaches. Already because it is the best, those who think differently just have no taste, but also because it is under the skin that almost all the vitamins of the fruit are found.

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5. Clean fruit right after buying it

By cleaning the fruits after buying them when you don’t intend to eat them right away, you get rid of their protective layer. The fruits are therefore more vulnerable and risk being damaged more quickly.

6. Put fragile fruit in the wrong place in the fridge

When we say that certain fruits must be put in the fridge, we are not talking about just any place in the fridge (that would be too simple). Only the vegetable drawer has a suitable temperature for storing fruit (and vegetables, surprisingly, isn’t it?). The rest of the fridge is way too cold.

7. Remove the filaments from bananas

If you’re a bit fussy, you’ll probably end up removing fruits like clementines and bananas. It’s a shame because the filaments of bananas, called phloems, have the highest dose of nutrients from this fruit. Indeed, it is thanks to the phloems that the nutrients are distributed throughout the fruit during its maturation.

1660047525 945 Top 10 mistakes we all make with fruit its too

8. Put all the clementine skins in the compost

We say to ourselves that we can put all the peelings in the compost bin, but that is a mistake. The skin of citrus fruits like lemons and clementines are very acidic and can interfere with the process, so don’t add too much.

9. Pick up a random watermelon at the supermarket

When you buy a watermelon, you must not make a mistake because you are still committing to several kilos of food. To choose the best watermelon, just look for the dark yellow spots on the fruit. It is thanks to them that we can know which fruit has taken the most sun, and therefore which will be the sweetest.

10. Pick up a random melon at the supermarket

To choose a melon, there are a lot of techniques. We talk about the tails coming off or the color of the fruit, but the most reliable technique is to smell the bottom of the melon. Yes, it’s unconventional but it works every time.

1660047526 474 Top 10 mistakes we all make with fruit its too

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