Top 10 mistakes we all make when we sleep, positions to NEVER take

We spend a lot of time sleeping in a lifetime, so we might as well make every effort to do so in good conditions. We told you one day about the different positions to sleep in illustrations (a masterpiece made on the Paint software), today we are going to talk a little more seriously about the TERRIBLE mistakes we make when we sleep drunk with unconsciousness who we are.

1. Sleep on your stomach

This is the basic error. Although this is one of the favorite sleeping positions of many people, it is very bad for the back because the hollow that naturally forms in the lower back will put pressure on the vertebrae. In addition, the fact that our head is turned to the side reduces our breathing capacity, but I don’t know if you are aware of it, but breathing is really practical for all that is life.

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2. Sleep on your stomach WITHOUT letting your feet protrude from the bed

Ok that sounds weird but I swear any physio will recommend it. Basically, sleeping on your stomach is not a recommended position for your back, and your feet will accentuate this arch, which is why taking them out of bed limits the breakage.

3. Sleeping on your stomach WITHOUT using a flat pillow

Again, it’s quite logical, it will save you from wringing your neck if you really can’t do without this demonic position.

4. Sleeping on your back WITHOUT putting a small pillow under your stomach

I will come back to this but the pillows are not only made to support the head. In this case, to once again limit the arch of the back, you can put a small cushion under the lower abdomen. It won’t necessarily make you gain credibility, but you’ll sleep better.

Top 10 mistakes we all make when we sleep positions

5. Put your hands under the pillow or under your head

It’s the kind of move you can like to do (especially when you sleep on your stomach) while falling asleep, but it’s a huge bad idea: this position prevents your shoulders from resting, the trapezius muscles are in tension and it fucks your neck because of the elevation of the head. If you have a headache when you wake up, don’t look, the cause is clear. Nothing to do with the 18 pints and the cartridge of cigarettes that you had fun the day before.

6. Sleep on the right side

Another forbidden position: the right side! As you know, when we sleep on our side we put pressure on part of our organs. When you sleep on the left side that’s fine, but on the right side it’s a different lemonade. Several organs are compressed (spleen, liver and pancreas) which can eventually lead to edema in the worst case or simply promote gastric reflux and cause insomnia.

7. Sleep in a heated room

There is a lot of talk these days about saving energy, and for good reason. As far as the bedroom is concerned, you will be delighted to learn that we strongly recommend not to sleep in a room at more than 17°C, a temperature that is more than enough to fall asleep quickly.

8. Sleep on your stomach completely flat without a pillow

Certainly sleeping on your back is the best position. But the best thing is above all to slip a small pillow under his knees. This allows you to arch your back less. As for the pillow under the head it depends a bit, in itself you don’t really need it but without a pillow you are more likely to snore and people who snore are really the dregs of humanity.

9. Sleep in the fetal position in a ball

The fetal position in itself is not awkward (if it is done on the left side, of course) but if you really curl up in a ball you will put pressure on your organs and damage your hips: that’s why you have to sleep instead with a cushion between the knees to align your legs.

10. Stay in the same position all night

Whatever your favorite position, do not deprive yourself of movement during the night. Well then OK I want to believe that you are not necessarily aware of your body movements at night but as far as possible vary the postures, it avoids stiffening your muscles.