Top 10 mistakes we all make in our kitchen (we’re actually stupid)

“But whaaaaaaaaaaaat? »: this is the phrase that you will shout without even realizing it at each point of this top. The objects in our kitchen, these little things that we come across and use every day without being too careful, are in fact full of surprises. Be ready for your life to change after reading this.

1. Eat a cupcake

what we all do : we bite into it with full teeth, and we put cream in our noses.

what we should do : cut the bottom, place it on the cream, a way to sandwich it and enjoy without staining.

2. Use a colander

what we all do : we put it in the sink, and we spill the contents of our saucepan into it.

what we should do : place it in the pan, like a lid.

3. Pour our brick milk/juice

what we all do : we glue the opening to our glasses/cups to pour.

what we should do : flip the brick, so that the opening is at the top.

4. Peel a banana

what we all do : we peel it by the tail (title).

what we should do : peel it from the other side, like monkeys do. In this way, you have less risk of damaging it when opening it.

5. Put down your wooden spoon

what we all do : we put it in the sink, on a small plate next to it or we drop it in the pan (best idea to burn it on the sides).

what we should do : place it in the small hole at the end of the handle of the saucepan. Yes, it is not only used to suspend it!

6. Hold a beer bottle

what we all do : we hold it by the bottom, like “the belly” of the bottle.

what we should do : take it by the neck. In this way, it stays fresh longer, your hand is quickly no longer at the level of the liquid. This story is so well thought out!

7. Unwrap the aluminum foil

what we all do : we open the box, we take out the roll, we cut as we can, we have a hard time, we make pieces that are much too big, we complain and get angry.

what we should do : fold down the two small tabs on the sides of the box. These stabilize the roll, prevent it from getting lost, and allow us to cut it cleanly.

8. Carry a mug

what we all do : we walk it by holding it by the handle.

what we should do : move it around while holding it from above. The handle is convenient for drinking. But for walking, this technique is much more effective to avoid getting it everywhere. In any case, these are the results drawn by a scientific study in the 2010s!

Top 10 mistakes we all make in our kitchen were

9. Hold a burger

what we all do : we manage as best we can to remain dignified despite the piece of lettuce stranded on our jeans, the sauce dripping from the corner of our mouth, and the bun, more puffy on top than below.

what we should do : place our thumbs and little fingers below, and the other fingers above. In this way, the pressure exerted by our hands prevents any element from slipping away. Go democratize dates at Mcdooooo!

10. Drink a can through a straw

what we all do : we triturate the tab of the can, grumbling that “gnagnagnagna it is useless and it pisses this thing off”. We end up pulling it out to make a lot of room for our little straw.

what we should do : wedge our straw in the small hole of the tongue, initially thought for that! Afterwards, given the mouth of the cardboard straws after 10 minutes in a liquid, we advise you to simply do without the straw, and to continue to tear off this tab which, in this case, is really useless.

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