Top 10 mistakes that are bad for our home and our health

We know that you like things to simplify your life and we love to give them to you (even if you are a little assisted). Today, I reveal lots of little tips for tidying up, cleaning and taking care of the garden properly. How do I know all this? Quite simply because all the mistakes in this top are mistakes that I made myself and that I bitterly regret because I paid the price. Holes in sweaters, invasive plants and clogged sink, welcome to this top tips and tricks to not become as clumsy as me.

1. Empty frying oil into the sink

When you have finished cooking with your very greasy and unhealthy oil, do not throw your oil in the sink or even in the toilets. Even mixed with water and dish soap, the oil will congeal in the pipes and create a clog that is difficult to dislodge.

What to do : Instead, throw the baby out with the bathwater, it clogs the pipes less.

2. Planting trees too close to your house

As you have a little green thumb (remember to consult lol) and you want a well wooded garden, you decide to plant trees and bushes around your property. Like an idiot, you didn’t think of tree roots. Indeed, the roots can grow a lot to seek water and are very strong, so they can end up damaging the foundations of your house. It would be too stupid.

What to do : Instead, plant buildings to rent them out and become a wealthy annuitant.

3. Putting clothes back in the closet when they’re only slightly worn

Today, it’s cold, so you take out a very warm sweater that you put over a t-shirt. The next day, it’s hot, so you put the sweater away. You tell yourself that the garment is always clean, but that’s a mistake and moths know it. Indeed, moths are more attracted to dirty clothes or even those with a very slight smell of perspiration. These butterflies of misfortune will lay eggs on the fabric and the larvae will end up nibbling the threads of your sweaters.

What to do : Exterminate moths and all other insects with nuclear bombs (no).

4. Have non-blackout curtains

That’s it, you’ve found a nice apartment or a beautiful house facing south, you’re officially a daron. You hung up some pretty picture frames and bought beautiful furniture but, unfortunately, you didn’t think about the sun’s rays. This big ball of gas wreaks havoc and will discolor your furniture and walls.

What to do : Having no furniture and sleeping on the floor.

Top 10 mistakes that are bad for our home and
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5. Using cleaning products without protection

Detergents and other cleaning products can be dangerous to health even if you don’t always realize it. It is highly recommended to wear gloves when cleaning as these products can quickly irritate the skin and dry it out. Also, it is always best to open the windows when using cleaning products, especially spray ones. We do not necessarily realize it but the vapors of these products are harmful to health and in particular the respiratory system.

What to do : Living in filth to preserve one’s body. What’s the point of cleaning something if it’s going to get dirty again?

6. Use laundry pods

Doing your laundry is rarely fun and since you’re a little lazy, you bought pods plastic so you don’t have to use liquid or powder detergent. Unfortunately, your laziness can easily turn against you. The pods are surrounded by a soft plastic that is supposed to melt and “disappear” in the wash. Unfortunately, it very often happens that it founds on your clothes and sticks to the fabric before hardening. You then end up with hard plastic stuck to your clothes and trying to remove it will only puncture the fabric. This is why you should not use the pods only on household linen and/or at more than 40°C.

What to do : Stop thinking you’re rich and buy normal laundry detergent. No but where are we?

7. Install your bed near a radiator

What a good idea to have a radiator in your room; the closer it is to the bed, the better my night will be. Well no, that’s a really bad idea. Indeed, sleeping too close to the heater, just like too close to an air conditioner, disrupts the body and gives you a pretty bad cold.

What to do : Put on a sweater and start a “chimney fire” video on YouTube. The sensation of heat is immediate.

8. Leave the washing machine door closed

If you are lucky enough to have a washing machine at home (laundry is hell), you may be used to closing the door after use to save space. Know that this is a very bad idea. When the door is closed, the water stagnates inside and cannot dry out or evaporate. Bacteria can then proliferate, which is a bit gross in addition to smelling bad. On top of that, stories are circulating about washing machine windows exploding after being closed too long (after confinement in particular).

What to do : Wash your clothes in the laundry, like in the good old days.

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9. Planting plants without really knowing them

You have a small plot of land as a garden and your nice neighbor offers you a plant, an agapanthus for example. Ravi, you decide to plant it. Serious mistake. Like many others, the agapanthus is an invasive species and you risk ending up with an entire forest in a few months. It is therefore necessary to get a minimum of information before becoming a gardener.

What to do : Instead, put a swimming pool and a tennis court in your garden. Vegetation is useless anyway.

10. Clean your living room with hydrochloric acid

But hey, we hope that this idea would not have crossed your mind.

What to do : Never clean, it’s useless.

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