Top 10 mistakes spotted in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Tonight, TF1 ends its broadcast program of the 8 Harry Potter films (forget Fantastic Beasts, it sucks), so we inevitably conclude our series of errors with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. We’re going to take them up because we’re dirty Muggles who like to whine, but in reality it’s not because there are a few dumplings here and there that David Yates’ film is not good.

1. One of Snape’s memories is fake.

At the end of the film, when we see Snape’s memories, we can see the scene where Lily Potter comes between Voldemort and Harry to try to protect her son. Normally, Snape wouldn’t have this scene in his own memories, since only Harry, Lily and Voldemort were present in this scene. Snape only arrived later. You big mythos.

2. Hogwarts students teleported

Just after the fight between McGonagall and Snape in the great hall, in front of all the young wizards of the school, Harry leaves the great hall to go towards the Ravenclaw tower. At that moment, he meets lots of students walking against the current, when they were all supposed to be in the Great Hall two seconds before. How did they teleport to the Hogwarts grounds?

3. James and Sirius already had the Gryffindor panoply

In one of Snape’s memories, we see Lily being sent by the Sorting Hat to Gryffindor (sorry Snape, you had to be a good guy too). She then joins her new friends James and Sirius who are dressed in… Gryffindor attire. The guys had just been sent to this house, however, so they should logically have the same black tie as all the first-year students. Unless they had bribed the Sorting Hat to go where they wanted to go and had already bought the right clothes. No, no, that’s more of a mistake.

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4. The Invisibility Cloak is increasingly invisible

In the previous films, the cape is visible while it is not worn (which is useful when you want to find it in your room). But just before Harry and his buddies go to rob Gringotts, she’s totally invisible, even before Ron places her on Harry and Griphook. It’s going to be very boring to find her if we drop her now.

5. Ginny got comfortable for the fight

When she enters the Great Hall, Ginny is in uniform. However, right after, when everyone starts shouting because Voldemort speaks in their head (that’s not nice), Ginny is in street clothes. Maybe she wanted to be more stylish to fight bad guys.

6. Snape’s memories are really screwed up.

In the memories of this swelling, Trelawney can be seen making a prophecy to Dumbledore. Snape had heard her make a prophecy in scred, of course, except it wasn’t the one. There, in the film, it is the same prophecy as in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabanwhile it’s another Snape heard.

8. Harry doesn’t have his mother’s eyes at all

Everyone spends their time bathing in Harry telling him that he has the same eyes as his mother, whereas when we see her in the film, both as a child and as an adult, she has brown or even black eyes. Wouldn’t we talk some bullshit to Harry?

9. Voldemort does have a nose

At one point in the Battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort’s nose appears, when he’s not supposed to have a nose. Is it still one of his superpowers? Or is it a small error that they forgot to correct in post production? We think we know the answer.

10. Miss Ringworm has been kidnapped

Miss Teigne has always had red eyes, everyone knows that. Well in this movie, she doesn’t have red eyes. Who kidnapped the real Miss Ringworm? If we find him, we’ll smash him.

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