Top 10 mistakes not to make with your trash can, this object full of mysteries

If life teaches us a lot day after day, it’s because we learn from our mistakes. Mistakes we make with our fridge, mistakes we make with our hair dryer, but also mistakes we make with our power strips. Fortunately, we are finally looking at the mistakes we make with our trash cans and you risk losing some of your Latin.

1. Do not nest the waste you throw in the yellow bin

We think it will be tidier and cleaner in the trash but above all it wastes everyone’s time. Waste from the yellow bin must be loose and therefore above all not nested.

Top 10 mistakes not to make with your trash can, this object full of mysteries

2. Batteries in the trash = apocalypse

Like batteries, and many electronic devices, batteries contain lithium (cause I found God yeah yeah yeahhhhhh). And lithium has nothing to do with our garbage cans whatever they are. We noticed that in the sorting center this material could lead to fires and sometimes even explosions, not to mention the pollution it generates. So batteries in the trash, it’s no.

It is also for this reason that our used batteries languidly stagnate in a space unfairly provided for this purpose. The real question is kesskonfédépiles? Take a look at the supermarkets near you, most collect this type of waste.

3. We should rather not crush our plastic bottles (or only in the direction of the height)


A lot of people yes I know but it hurts my heart… That’s why we gave you the good reasons not to drink bottled water. In short, those who have to shamefully get rid of plastic bottles tend to compress them to save space. In reality, this is not a good idea at all, the object sent to the sorting center must be as little altered as possible, so it is better to leave the bottles intact. You can even leave the cap on. Awesome isn’t it?

4. We do not throw our recyclable waste in a plastic bag

In addition, unless you live in a municipality with an extension of sorting instructions, you do not throw any plastic in the trash. That is to say, no plastic film (or film with Christian Clavier, that goes straight to the nuclear dump), no packaging, no plastic bag.

5. Polystyrene can never be recycled

It’s ugly but all the more reason not to make purchases with packaging of this type.

6. It is advisable to take a bag a little larger than the trash can

Yeah super Einstein in fact we would have suspected it but good in case it’s good to warn young people who are just starting in their life as trash managers.

7. We don’t recycle broken glasses

Drinking glasses are not made of the same wood (lol) as glass bottles, so they should not be thrown in the sorting bin but in the “normal” bin (even if there are no standards in fact, clearly not enough woke these trash cans).

8. Leave sharp or toxic objects in the sorting bin

Understand that when you throw your waste in the sorting bin, there are people after who sort all this little world. So it would be nice not to leave them needles, blades or any object that could hurt their little faces.

9. Never ever throw away electronic waste

Neither your headphones, nor your telephones (yes, there are still people who throw their telephones in the trash), nor your HS microwave have their place in a sorting center. At worst, you have to get rid of them in the recycling center, at best have them repaired and in the best way take them back to the store.

If you have any doubts, there is a very useful and free app: Sorting Guide which will guide you in a situation of existential panic.

10. Do not fill your garbage can to the brim with pieces of crushed glass but also the oil from your canned cod liver because you risk discovering too late that the bag has torn and that the oil leaked everywhere and it’s going to whip cod liver for 3 weeks at your house

Did you also have a bad Sunday?

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