Top 10 mistakes not to make with your tattoo, God and tattoo artists can judge you

Do you want to take the plunge and ink your favorite line from Desperate Housewives on your bicep? It is an excellent idea. But before you start, there are a few rules to know to do this in the rules of the art and not end up with an amputated arm due to inattention or disappointment. So do me a favor so you don’t make mistakes with your tattoo. The first is not to do it yourself. You will know it.

1. Put on a huge box before taking action

We’ve lost count of the number of times people have gotten a tattoo of something drunk (I won’t say if I’m one of them), but it’s still a very bad idea. Yes, because alcohol thins the blood (just like aspirin or anti-inflammatories, which should be avoided) which prevents the ink from remaining in your skin, in addition to making you pee blood. And you certainly don’t want to hemorrhage at such a time.

2. Not looking at the tattoo artist’s work before choosing it

Not all tattoo artists do the same thing, otherwise it would be a bit of a sad job, so do your little research to choose the one who will do the most beautiful scribbles for you. Already, some only accept to tattoo their own flashes or projects drawn by them and not ready-made tattoos. And above all, some do not achieve certain styles, so if you want a minimalist tattoo, do not go to a tattoo artist who does realistic tattoos in color with lots of detail. You would look smart.

3. Not checking what you want to get tattooed

I know someone who got his sister’s name tattooed in Morse Code and got the brushes mixed up with dots and lines. Bah will make the small modification afterwards, I tell you not. So whatever you fancy getting printed on your body, make sure there isn’t a hidden meaning behind your tattoo. You can never be too careful.

4. Get a tattoo in not-so-fut places

Among the worst places to get a tattoo is, for example, the sole of the foot, which is an area with a lot of friction and oozing, which can erase the tattoo over time. There’s also the penis and the eyes, but I don’t want to spoil everything for you.

5. Tattoo your ex’s first name

You will regret it. And you’re not going to win her back either. Pity.

6. Cleaning your tattoo too much the first few days

All tattoo artists will tell you, you have to avoid getting water on your tattoo as much as possible during the first 48 hours. So yes, it needs to be cleaned a bit to avoid infections where the needles have stung. But you should definitely not take a bath or go to the swimming pool. Instead, pat your tattoo gently with a damp compress and fragrance-free pH neutral soap. And let the magic happen.

7. Leaving your tattoo out in the open

Wow, what a bad idea to show off your new tattoo to the whole neighborhood after leaving the salon. Your tattoo must be protected in plastic film several hours after the end of the work, from 12h to 48h, to avoid exposing it to blows or friction from clothing. You’ll let it breathe later (and you’ll have your whole life to show off).

8. Scratch your tattoo while it heals

It can feel like torture not scratching your scabs when your tattoo itches from scarring. But it is a very important rule to follow because it could mark your tattoo and make it all ugly. It would be stupid. So if it itches you too much, grit your teeth and put on some moisturizer. Or have your fingernails pulled out to the limit, if that’s too much.

9. Tanning without having protected your tattoo

Whatever the date on which you made your tattoo, you must always always always protect it from the sun. For up to a year after getting your tattoo, wear clothes to hide your tattoo because exposing it to the sun could stain your skin and ruin your designs. Then, always put on maximum sunscreen to avoid lightening your tattoo and protect your skin at the same time. Thank you SPF 50.

10. Not moisturizing your tattoo

To make a recent tattoo beautiful and preserve the pigments, it is necessary to moisturize your tattoo often, especially in the first weeks after the realization. So you can go for the cream layer, especially if you have basic dry skin. Be careful though to take a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic moisturizer, your skin will thank you and perhaps bring you breakfast in bed.

11. Believing he’s never going to move

A tattoo is permanent, we all agree on that. But if you don’t take care of it and you nimp with it, believe me it will quickly go to hell by drooling or fading away. So cherish it with love and don’t hesitate to return to your tattoo artist for touch-ups or advice to preserve your tattoo as much as possible. A “Sky is the limit” tattoo as beautiful as that, we want to keep it for a long time, right?

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