Top 10 mistakes not to make with your straightening or curling iron (if you care about your…

Hair straighteners/curlers = things that we have all used at least once, and which, for many, are essential. In general, we buy our very first in college, to flatten our hair like our cops, then we never part with it again. Be careful, this top may shake up your old habits, which have been rooted in your routines for decades (wow, you’re old), but it’s time for you to know…

1. Forgetting to turn it off

AHAHAHAHAH BUT WHO DOES THIS? YOU REALLY HAVE TO BE TOO CON PTDRRRR. OK, guess why I’m writing this top?? It’s good, do you have it? (I’m still hesitating between laughing and crying…) That’s it, besides the fact that it can smash your plates, it can incidentally also set your apartment on fire. Then to the building. In short, it’s boring, what!

2. Use it on wet hair

We tell you and we repeat it to you, IT’S NOT FOR NOTHING! To put hot plates on wet or damp hair is to deliberately agree to burn your beautiful hair. If you don’t have time to dry them in the morning, TOO BAD. We leave it natural, or we make a bun if we have really shitty hair, but we stop screwing it up!


3. Set the temperature incorrectly

Yes, it’s tempting to put the mess to the maximum to optimize the time and the result. But, guess what… 230° is hot (but isn’t it?) Very hot! Even… TOO hot. We arm ourselves with a little more patience, and we try not to go beyond 180°. Come on, your hair is worth it.

4. Staying static on a wick for too long / going over the same one 15 times

Yes, otherwise, it burns! Ask the girl below what she thinks.

5. Do not use thermo-protective products

Another very good idea to kill your hair, burn it and find yourself having to cut everything. Ok, it’s not cheap, but I swear, it’s much cheaper than a rescue at the hairdresser.

6. Not washing it

Euuuuh, who has already washed their hair straightener? Serious ? Has that ever crossed your mind?? Well… It seems that it has to be done, like for all other electronic devices. Here, it is protection sprays and other styling products that accumulate on the plates over time. The risk is already that your device is less efficient, but above all that the residues settle on your locks. yuck.

7. Using these devices too often

2 to 4 times per week maximum! In detail, 2 times for fine hair, 3 for normal, and 4 for thick hair. Otherwise, you risk smashing your dear mane properly. So yes, I know, easier said than done! But if you really need to style all of this every day, there are plenty of heatless techniques that are a lot less aggressive.

8. Wrap the cable around the device

Yes, it’s tempting, and yes, we all do that! However, this is really not THE good idea. Twisting the wire around the iron can damage it, burn it or cause internal and external failure. Basically, the risk is that it no longer works. Tiresome ! It is therefore advisable to bend the cable next to the iron, and to hold it with ribbons. Yeah, I’ll grant you, it’s way too sucky. Let’s live in the risk a little hihi

9. Keep your forehead straight (with a curling iron)

Or to his ears, fingers, wrists and any part of the body that may come into contact with hot surfaces. Spoiler alert: it burns. Guess who took their high school picture with a big brown smudge in the middle of their mouth?

10. Step on it

1) It hurts, worse than a lego

2) It burns, if lit

3) It sucks, because it breaks it, and that stuff costs an arm and a leg.

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