Top 10 mistakes not to make with beer, the nectar of the gods

Good beer lovers, here you are in the right place to find out if you are consuming this drink wisely. You can quickly make small rookie mistakes when storing or consuming beers and it would be a shame to keep making them. We are therefore going to give you some advice by pointing out the stupid things that we often do with this drink and which are easily avoidable. However, if you don’t know what beer is, go read the things we don’t know about beer and come back.

When we buy it

1. Stick to the brands we know

With the emergence of a large number of micro-breweries in recent years, staying on the big brands that we know would be a shame. There are countless types of beer you can try to discover new flavors. Give small breweries and local beers a chance when you travel, you will be surprised. Or you will find it disgusting but at least you will have tasted something new instead of the most popular beers.

Top 10 mistakes not to make with beer, the nectar of the gods

2. Thinking that canned beers are of lower quality

You might think that a canned beer is a lower quality beer to drink at a festival or during a demonstration, but not at all. Already this has no connection with the quality of the beer but in addition it prevents the light from passing through, is transported more easily and opens without the need for a bottle opener. Only good things.

3. Not looking at expiry dates

When you buy your beers it is recommended to look at the expiry dates, which we rarely do, we are not going to lie to ourselves. Some beers can be kept for a long time, but others are destined to be consumed quickly, otherwise they will lose their flavor. Watching the dates when buying but also when storing can prevent you from drinking a spent beer and having a bad time in the toilet.

Top 10 mistakes not to make with beer, the nectar of the gods

When we order it

4. Never ask for a snack

You may think it’s going to piss off the bartender/bartender to ask to taste a beer before ordering it, but that’s unlikely to be the case (and at worst it’s no big deal). You have the right not to like beers, and it would be a shame to end up with a 12 euro pint that you find disgusting, so do not hesitate to ask for a glass bottom to get an idea.

5. Never bring back a beer that tastes funny (or doesn’t seem right to you)

If you have a beer that does not seem “normal” to you, do not hesitate to bring it back to the bar. Either the glass has not been washed properly, or there is dishwashing liquid left in it, or the beer is stale or spent, or you have been given the bottom of the keg, or it has been badly served… Several reasons can alter the taste of your drink and at the price you pay for it, do not hesitate to point it out. (Well it doesn’t work if the beer is normal and you don’t like it).

Top 10 mistakes not to make with beer, the nectar of the gods

When we store it

6. Thinking that craft beers should be consumed faster

False ! If you buy craft beers, you can keep them longer than mass-market beers, provided you follow the storage rules (the next two points). A craft beer does not really age but continues to mature, if it is high in alcohol it can be kept longer, the same if it is acidic. Well don’t keep them to bequeath them to your grandchildren either.

7. Store it in a light and warm place

Like wine, beer does not like to sit in bright light or in places that are too hot. The light will gradually remove the yeast cells from your beer, concretely it will have less taste. For the heat if you have no way to keep it in 10° and 15° don’t panic, it won’t lose all its flavor, it will only age faster. Consume it as soon as possible or take a bath with it.

Top 10 mistakes not to make with beer, the nectar of the gods

8. Put her in random positions

To store your beers and keep them as long as possible, there are two or three parameters to take into account:

If it’s in a can : you can store it in all possible positions, it will be the same and it will age well.

If it’s bottled with a capsule : you must store it upright, without the beer coming into contact with the capsule.

If it’s bottled with a cork : you can store it lying down, contact with the cork will not change the taste and this will allow the yeast to settle over the entire length which will make the taste evolve more quickly.

When we consume it

9. Refresh the glass in which it is served

You might think that serving your beer in a cold glass will be a good thing to keep the beer cold longer, but that’s a bad idea. A cold glass will increase the foam and smash the aromas. Same story if you put your beers in the freezer before serving them, it won’t improve your taste, so stop your bullshit for five minutes.

Top 10 mistakes not to make with beer, the nectar of the gods
Picture credits: Topito

10. Not washing the glass before serving it

Using a dirty or badly washed glass can really ruin your tasting: don’t hesitate to wash it just before tasting with lukewarm water (not too hot) and rinse it well to avoid getting dishwashing liquid in it. Avoid serving your beer in a dry, hot or cold glass, just warm and wet will be perfect.

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