Top 10 mistakes not to make when waxing

WHAT? In 2022 a top on hair removal ?????? No, but where are we Topito? And the diktat of the hair you know?

Yeah well stay stable, who cares if you strip the foundation or let the jungle bloom that serves as your fleece. We’re not here to say whether or not to wax, do as you please, but damn it never make one of those mistakes by grabbing a strip of hot wax.

1. Wax your bikini line with cold wax

Cold wax is nice because it avoids burning your skin in the third degree. It’s commendable for the preservation of your skin but it turns out that for the swimsuit, it’s not great. You will then have to do it again quite a few times, which is no better than a good one-shot hot wax at 800°C.

2. Do not scrub your skin after waxing

A weekly exfoliation will prevent regrowth of subcutaneous hair. No need to invest in any cosmetic product, coffee grounds, honey and a little yogurt will do the trick perfectly. And the height of the height: know that you must also exfoliate one or two days before depilation to prepare the ground well by throwing away dead skin without any form of burial.

3. Epilate skin drier than a haystack

When you wax, there are a lot of precautions to take beforehand, such as keeping your legs hydrated but long-lasting (and I’m not talking about macaroons). Do not hesitate to spread your legs with cream daily in order to have a valiant skin.

CAUTION, on the other hand, you absolutely must not cream the area just before depilating, in which case you will completely screw up your depilation. Neither have wet or damp legs. Let’s say that the legs must be dry, but hydrated, is that clear?

4. Epilate every other day

No, but actually calm down with your hair, let it breathe. If you want effective hair removal that will last longer, leave more or less three weeks between each operation.

5. Use tweezers for finishing touches

Don’t panic, let go of your DEGLINGOS band tweezers right away. The tweezers are a false friend, they will break the hair and are highly likely to cause subcutaneous regrowth. In addition, by removing the first hairs that grow back, you will create several levels of regrowth and mess up your hair removal cycle. In short, drop the pliers, it will be better for everyone.

6. Go get your skin tanned after your session

In summer, people interested in the concept of stripping often do so to expose their stilts to barges, most often under maximum sunlight. However, it is a serious mistake that can lead to burn marks or even blisters. In short, your shaved legs + sun = the face of Freddy Krueger.

Top 10 mistakes not to make when

7. Take a hot bath in hair removal fouliche

Already I don’t know what world you live in to still take baths but you really deserve to eat curdled milk. In short, the hot post-depilation bath (or hot shower) will irritate your skin. So wait 24 hours before resuming your pleasant daily ritual of showering with boiling water.

However, it is strongly advised to take a hot shower just BEFORE waxing in order to open your pores and facilitate the evacuation of the hair.

8. The sports session right after getting your hair removed

Wow already, I respect you: having a session of intense suffering in hair removal then follow up with a session of intense suffering in sport, it seems that you have a great taste for suffering in all its forms. But I relax you right away, the moulax clothes inherent in sports practice are not recommended for skin still traumatized by hair removal.

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9. Where to go for a swim

Whether in the swimming pool or in the sea, we avoid sticking chlorine or salt water on the previously depilated skin, let two days pass before refining your art of the dish.

10. Not applying a cold compress to the area after each hair removal strip

It’s not essential, but it’s an unstoppable method to have less pain. If, on the other hand, you like pain, leave your skin as it is, or apply a boiling compress to the area to suffer properly and promote the appearance of blisters, a very fashionable aesthetic asset since Kim Kardashian said so. .

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