Top 10 mistakes not to make at a festival, if you want to have a good time

We are in the middle of the festival period, the Vieilles Charrues are in full swing, it’s a party for all music lovers who like to spend three days in wide open spaces with concerts, people, beers and disgusting toilets . Heaven. Except that it can quickly become hell if you make a few rookie mistakes. Come on, there’s no shame in reviewing the basics.

1. Forgetting your sunscreen

If you’re a little lucky, your festival should take place under a beautiful sun. Except that the beautiful sun can quickly turn into a big nag that attacks you with its UV rays by burning your skin. The solution is quite simple: put some sunscreen on (and wear a hat, too, that’s fine.) So yes, there will always be someone else who will have it, but if you have to go and piss off a stranger every two hours to recover, you’ll quickly be the most boring guy in the area.

Top 10 mistakes not to make at a festival, if you want to have a good time

2. Wanting to see everything

Festivals can be frustrating when it comes to scheduling. There’s about an 8 out of 10 chance that your two favorite bands from the entire line-up will play at exactly the same time. And if you try to see both, you risk missing your favorite songs and finding yourself in the 1000th row, behind Romain, 1m89, who will ruin your view. Half-concerts in bad conditions are often not ge-ge. It is better to favor one of the two artists, you will see the other again next time (unless he dies suddenly during the year.)

3. Spend all your money on alcohol

You can easily pay the equivalent of your ticket price a second time in beer inside the festoche. To avoid that, you can possibly smuggle alcohol, but of course it’s very very very very wrong to do that. Very very.

4. Drink beer

In itself, beer is great and it’s hard to imagine a festival without it. But she pisses. Too much. And there are often 8 hours of queue in front of the toilets. If you’re a guy, it’s fine, there’s less line and you can piss a little anywhere. On the other hand, if you are a girl, do not forget your piss-standing.

Top 10 mistakes not to make at a festival, if you want to have a good time

5. Put on your best shoes

Forget your all-white sneakers bought on sale two days ago, they won’t withstand this trip through the heart of gravel, dust and mud. Without counting on all the people who will step on your toes during the concerts. Moreover, sandals, high heels and other flip-flops are prohibited.

6. Taking drugs for the first time

Already, drugs are bad, huh. Once that’s said, we can also say that the festival is the worst place to test a drug you’ve never taken. There is a risk of having unusual reactions or simply having a physical problem. The thing is, your friends won’t necessarily be operated on to help you while they’re slamming in the middle of the crowd. This same crowd that risks making you a little agoraphobic in the event of a bad trip. So we don’t pretend.

7. Believing that there are reserved seats during concerts

You can repeat ” sorry i think you are in my place when showing your ticket, there is a real risk that someone will take your glass of beer and crush it on your face. You can make your way, but with respect and love for the other.

8. Not wearing earplugs

For a single concert, it’s fine, but three days of non-stop music is really bad for your eardrums. Take your corks or mugs on site, there is always a stand where we distribute them (thanks to these wonderful people by the way. )

9. Not protecting your valuables

It’s sad, but festivals have become the playground of pickpockets. And in fact it’s not the most fun game in the world, unless you like redoing all your identity papers, losing 50 bucks and buying yourself a new phone.

10. Forgetting that you much prefer the cinema

And that suddenly you risk making yourself a little disappointed…

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