Top 10 misconceptions about babies, let’s stop saying nonsense

When you’re going to give birth or you’ve already laid your baby, you always have two or three people who love to spread their knowledge out of the back of the faggots, stuffed with certainties and prejudices, because they know the sister of the cousin of something who has a story similar to yours, from far, far away. They love to throw things at you that they are convinced of, and unwittingly fuel misconceptions about babies and how they work.

1. “The bigger he is at birth, the faster he will sleep through the night”

So no, it’s not because he weighs 4 kg at birth that he will sleep faster. 4kg or 2.8kg, he will still want to eat at night, like all babies. And this, until he knows how to regulate his appetite. It can take 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, but it does not depend on his birth weight.

Top 10 misconceptions about babies, let's stop saying nonsense
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2. “If you breastfeed him too long, he’ll be dependent on you”

And he’ll live with you until he’s 30 and your whole life will be ruined, you mammal. So in real no, we calm down, he has the right to eat a nipple without wanting to refuse to pack his boxes 25 years later.

Top 10 misconceptions about babies, let's stop saying nonsense

3. “If you’ve had a cesarean before, you can never give birth vaginally”

Again, this is false. All women are different, and it is absolutely not impossible to give birth vaginally for a second child, even if the first was born by cesarean section. It all depends on the mother-to-be, not Grandma Yvette’s stats.

5. “You’re going to love her as soon as you hold her”

No not necessarily. This myth around the woman who discovers herself as a mother instantly as soon as her newborn is placed on her chest is false, and extremely guilt-inducing. Loving your baby can take time, and it’s absolutely not abnormal.

6. “If you don’t breastfeed him, he’ll get sick later.”

Yeah, maybe he’ll even get plague, cholera, and Nadine Morano’s IQ to boot. Hey pro-breastfeeding people, let’s calm down a bit on the guilt of others, how about it? We let people make their choice respectfully? We close our mouths a bit, what do you think?

7. “If you give him a pacifier, you’re screwed”

Because he will no longer want to breastfeed, because he will wake up all night as soon as he loses his pacifier, because he will have deformed teeth, cavities, a speech delay and he will vote National Front in the next elections.

Top 10 misconceptions about babies, let's stop saying nonsense

9. “If you raise him in town, he’ll have asthma.”

And he will turn into a big jerk who rattles as soon as he is able to speak, it is proven. In truth, it is the humidity that favors the dust mites responsible for inflammatory allergic reactions, and there are more asthmatic children in Basse-Normandie than in Paris. Like what.

10. “Babies don’t understand anything”

That explains why his grandparents speak to him as if he had stayed. Yet babies understand, not necessarily the words, but they understand the tone, the intention, and it helps them develop their language and their emotions, so let’s stop talking to him like he has an IQ of 3.5, it will only be good for him.

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