Top 10 miracles of baking soda, the magic powder

Baking soda is a grandma’s remedy on its own. This magic powder should clearly be on the list of doping products as it seems to have virtues. Seriously, it’s almost freakish knowing that baking soda can:

1. Extend the life of cut flowers

By diluting this special powder in vase water, you will increase the life expectancy of your flowers. It is also an excellent weed killer and it also helps fight against parasites. In short, baking soda is Nicolas the Gardener’s concentrate in a box, and without the glasses…

Top 10 miracles of baking soda, the magic powder

Oh yes ! Oh yes more baking soda (to be read with a flowery voice… get over it)

2. Soothe burn pain

Who hasn’t had silly accidents trying to ignite a fart or the person who tried to pass you in the bread line? If ever your sore hurts you intolerably, know that applying a handkerchief soaked in ice water diluted with baking soda will make your pain disappear almost instantly.

Top 10 miracles of baking soda, the magic powder

Afterwards, there are some who apply better than others, there for example it’s superb, what a touch…

3. Fix your pony breath problem

It was sauerkraut from the sea at noon in the canteen, and you didn’t have the heart to refuse this gourmet dish that breathes elsewhere? That’s good, but now you’re going to have to interact with other humans who may not have your courage when it comes to cooking. In short, if you repress the neck dirty, dilute a teaspoon of BDS in half a glass of water and make a few gargles. Odors will be totally neutralized.

4. And your body odor

Did you forget the deodorant this morning? People smell your armpits 15 yards before you walk into the room? Not really a problem if you still have some magic dust on you. Put (a teaspoon) on a cotton ball or a piece of paper towel and apply it all under your arms. Good, and take a shower when you have time too, it must remain a backup solution. An extremely effective solution yet, basically BDS absorbs ALL bad odors so you can put it on all the smelly stuff (ashtrays, shoes, cats).

5. Relieve your mosquito bites

We’ve already given you tips on how not to get bitten, but if you really don’t listen, you can always soothe your war wounds by concocting a mixture of water and comics. Take a tablespoon for a little less than 50 cl of water then apply lightly on where “it itches damn” with your fingers (clean) or a cotton swab, do this for a few minutes then rinse. You can also use the BDS box to smash the face of those mosquito bastards, it works well too…

6. Clean just about anything cleanable

Yes, even that thing between your legs that you should clean more often. Finally, it may sting a little, but it works. For the rest: floor, sink, shower, stove, etc… will have almost the same result.

7. To remove stains from your clothes

You don’t wash, you stink and you get stained. But my faith you are a beautiful disgusting you are not? Well, again, it’s not a big deal. Using diluted BDS in a spray bottle, spray your stains before washing and they should disappear. Baking soda is also a good addition to your washing powder (make a mixture of half baking powder and half baking soda) while being much cheaper. Frankly, if we haven’t convinced you, we don’t know what to do anymore…

Top 10 miracles of baking soda, the magic powder

Afterwards, staining your clothes on purpose while smiling is still a bit stupid…

8. Can help you with a million things in the kitchen

You knew the BDS Nicolas the gardener, here is the Jean Pierre Coffe version. First, mixed with water, it has many virtues in cooking vegetables: it removes odours, bitter tastes and acidity. Second, you can use it as yeast. And finally, it makes it possible to tenderize the meats and to attenuate their too strong taste when the need arises (for the game for example). In short, having BDS at home is already a big step towards a Top Chef final.

9. To whiten your bad teeth

Toothpaste is fine, but once a day, after 14 coffees and twice as many cigarettes, it’s not going to work miracles. You know who knows a ray in terms of miracles: our BDS friend who will have well deserved his place in paradise if it ever exists. Put a little bit of this powder on your brush as a complement and you will have an American smile in “no time” (NB: no time is a measure of time used mainly in advertising, we used it like that because in real life we ​​don’t really know how long it takes and it sounds great “no time”, in real life it must still take a little time, how much? we don’t know, maybe a little less than the reading of this ‘Nota bene’ which is beginning to last, perhaps more, who knows? what do we know at the end of life?)

10. Is effective in case of smearing or other digestive problems

If this sea sauerkraut (see point n°3) really does not pass and you have stomach upset, do not hesitate to drink a glass of water to which you will add a teaspoon of baking soda, it should make the meal. The best is to do this right after the meal, with a hint of lemon. Prevention is better than cure, says the proverb… but for the rest you have the baking soda.

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