Top 10 matches to watch instead of the inter-round debate

Apparently we are going to watch the fight between Macron and Le Pen live on France 2 and TF1 for the second time in a row, and I’m sorry for politics and democracy, but frankly it’s going to suck, so might as well watch a good football match .

1. Bordeaux – St-Etienne, and yes I am very serious

Knowing that at the top of the Ligue 1 ranking there is not too much suspense, we are interested in the bottom of the table, and you should do the same.

Bordeaux is 19? and St-Etienne is 17?, both teams have won only one of their last 5 games, so the outcome is still uncertain. There will surely be more twists in this match than during this debate.

2. Chelsea-Arsenal, in the Premier League

An unmissable Premier League game (yes, without exaggeration), you MUST watch Chelsea-Arsenal this Wednesday. During the debate, will you have the opportunity to see Lukaku, Kante or even Martin Ødegaard? Well sorry to disappoint you, but no.

Here, the choice is quickly made.

3. Angers – PSG (yes I prefer to see goals from Mbappé than the face of Le Pen)

As indicated in the title, we much prefer to see a shower of goals from Mbappé (because we assume that Paris is still likely to win) than the face of Le Pen overexcited by the debate.

And then we advise you to make the most of PSG matches, because it’s not every day that we’re going to see the Neymar, Messi, Mbappé trio (while Macron-Le Pen we already had it there at 5).

4. OM – Nantes, at the Velodrome as well

After their defeat against PSG at the Parc des Princes, OM will try to catch up against Nantes at the Stade Vélodrome this Wednesday at 9 p.m. , but we know what the real Marseilles will do with their Wednesday evening.

5. Osasuna – Real Madrid, hello Benzema <3

Every opportunity to see Benzema still shine is to be taken. Already there won’t be Anne-Sophie Lapix who was thrown out like a mess, I don’t even see the point of actually hesitating.

Anyway, I know you wanted to vote for KB9 in the elections (I’m also disappointed that it’s not possible).

6. Monaco – Nice, the derby always more interesting than this debate

Already the two clubs have joined forces to sell shirts in favor of Ukrainian refugees, neither Macron nor Le Pen has done that. Yes I denounce. Then in Monaco and Nice the weather is nice and that’s where we like to spend holidays, personally the Elysée Palace I’ve never been able to set foot there.

Finally, it’s an interesting derby and Nice is very well ranked in L1 and is fighting for a place in the Champions League. Do you need other things to convince you?

7. Reims – Lille, why not?

And why not ?? Open your mind a bit, in fact, we’re not just going to watch Champions League matches with Ronaldo and Messi (even if they’re both gone, oops).

Lille was still in the Champions League this year, it’s not disgusting (well ok, they haven’t done much there but it’s already not bad), it’s worth watching the match.

8. Atletico – Granada FC, if you have Griezou in your heart

You can also choose to take an interest in League A (which would be a good choice) and watch the match between Atletico and Granada FC this Wednesday. Why make this choice? It’s very simple, first, you may be able to practice your Spanish. Then you can see Suarez and Griezmann perform, and that too is priceless.

9. Juventus – Fiorentina, re and why not??

And again, I want to say why not? It’s the semi-final of the Italian Cup anyway. I don’t have much else to add to convince you, except that there is Dybala at Juve (and that’s not a small argument).

10. Timéo’s match, your uncle’s sister’s son

Yes you’d better show up there because otherwise you’re going to alienate your family, you’ve been shamelessly missing three games already. So the debate or the family, it’s up to you.

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