Top 10 Man-Destroyed Wonders of the World

As soon as he set foot on Earth, the man began to make a mess. A trend that is accelerating even if, alongside, many are also working for the preservation of nature. Nature which has nevertheless been ransacked. Take these 10 examples… 10 sites ravaged by man, this insatiable predator…

1. The Ténéré tree (Niger)

This acacia was the most isolated tree in the world. Located 235 km from the city of Agadez in Niger, it served for many years as a landmark for travelers engaged in crossing the desert. In 1973, a drunk guy smashed it with his truck. Since then, as if to remind humanity of this tree like no other, a metal sculpture has been placed in its place.

2. The rock formations of Goblin Valley State Park (USA)

Located in Utah, this park famous for its impressive rocks has not been completely destroyed. However one day, three men undertook to reverse and thus completely demolish an old rock formation, eliminating, according to them, a risk of falling. Real heroes who took care to film themselves to boast, before being sentenced to 1 year of probation.

3. Racetrack Playa (USA)

A dry lake in California’s Death Valley, popular for those mysterious moving rocks (the mystery was solved in 2014), that was once scuttled by a guy who had fun driving his SUV over it, leaving behind lots of tire tracks.

4. Underwater Amazonia (Indonesia)

This site, known as one of the most marvelous in the world, acclaimed by divers, was one day seriously damaged by a cruise ship which ran aground there, with a hundred tourists on board. No human losses but considerable damage to the coral reef. The experts having affirmed that several centuries will be necessary so that the site finds its original appearance.

5. The Paracel Islands (China, Taiwan, Vietnam)

An earthly paradise well soiled by tourists, who do not hesitate to act like slobs by killing protected species to eat them before tearing off pieces of coral to then bring them home, where they will gather dust on a shelf.

6. La Isla de sa Porrassa (Spain)

The Balearic Islands are particularly popular with young Brits who like to party there. It was during the summer of 2015 that two of them decided to take the tangent and go, by pedal boat, to this uninhabited island. They landed and smoked a cigarette before setting fire to the point of absolutely burning the entire place, devastating the habitat of certain animal species including that of the black lizard. Strangely, they were not convicted. The police having concluded that an accident…

7. The Devils Hole (USA)

Back in Death Valley National Park, at Devils Hole, a geological formation home to the Devils Hole pupfish (or cyprinodon diabolis), a species of fish found only here, in a water hole of less than 10 m2 . Hole in which morons have gotten drunk, before throwing up and pouring beer into it. One of the guys even left his underpants dirty. Result of the operation: a fish died and the water was contaminated, probably killing several eggs. For information, there were only 35 of these precious fish left in 2013. Fortunately, an operation has been launched in the meantime to promote their survival and reproduction. However, nothing is really planned against the deep human stupidity when it starts.

8. Cliffs of Moher (Ireland)

Once upon a time there were two crazy French people who, in 2013, decided to deface the spectacular Cliffs of Moher with giant graffiti. All this while filming the story to demonstrate that sometimes, when you’re stupid, you really are. Video which was of course published on the internet, triggering a real outcry. Fortunately, the story ends well because the cliffs could be cleaned without damage…

9. Duckbill (USA)

The Duckbill was an amazing rock formation overlooking the ocean in the state of Oregon. We say “was” because now it is no more. Morons having decided, as shown in the video below, to demolish everything, also claiming that the site had to be secure.

10. The Amazon (Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, France, Suriname, Guyana, Bolivia, Ecuador)

The Amazon rainforest has already lost almost 20% of its original surface. In 2030, given the policy of Brazil with its current leader who obviously wants to overcome it, 55% of its surface will have completely disappeared. Trees therefore, but also 40,000 plant species and a considerable number of animals. Is there any hope left? Yes, even if he is thin. Because if some deforest all the time, causing at the same time gigantic fires, others replant. Like the Rock in Rio which announced that it wanted to reforest 30,000 hectares of forest, by planting 73 million trees by 2023. 30,000 hectares or 0.005% of the total area. It’s already a start…

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