Top 10 look-alikes of famous landmarks that cost less to visit than the original

“A copy is always shit compared to the original” said my grandfather all the time, an admirable man but, it must be admitted, a very bad tradesman in the management of his printing press. Without really talking about copying or plagiarism, some monuments or tourist places are very similar and deserve to be visited. But then in this case which one to choose, the most famous or the least expensive? Asked like this, admit that you quickly find the answer to this question, so we give you the alternatives, you bunch of stingy people.

1. The Corcovado and Cristo Rei

No need to go as far as Brazil to see a statue of Christ, already because there is at least one in all the good French churches, but also because Brazil is far away. In Portugal there is the sanctuary of Christ the King which is adorned with a substantially similar statue and is already worth the detour. It is also one of the highest monuments in Portugal, which Brazil does not have (quite logically you will tell me). And it’s cheaper to visit.

Prices (average prices) : €10 for the Corcovado, €8.30 for Cristo Rei.

2. Capilano Suspension Bridge and Cloud Forest Bridge

If you are passionate about bridges, you probably want to visit the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge in Canada one day. But it would still be a real shame since for less you can cross the suspension bridge of the cloud forest in Costa Rica. Walking on clouds or walking on Canada, the choice is quickly made, even if Canada is a wonderful country.

Prices (average prices) : 41€ for the Capilano, 16€ for the excursion in the cloud forest.

3. Machu Picchu and the Isla del Sol

Tired of that old used Machu Picchu? Do not despair, no need to go to Peru when you can simply go to Bolivia (yes in distance it is not necessarily very different) to enjoy the view offered by the Isla del Sol (the island of the sun) which sits proudly on Lake Titicaca. You will leave this less expensive place to visit with memories in your head. In addition, by taking a few badly framed photos you can easily tell that you were in Machu Picchu, so it is clearly the best alternative.

Prices (average prices) : 29€ for Machu Picchu, 3€ for the boat trip from Copacabana to Isla Del Sol.

4. The Colosseum and Arena in Verona

Even though it’s one of the must-see things to see in Rome, visiting the Colosseum costs a ball and to make matters worse, it’s full of boring tourists who eat ice cream while looking up (including myself, and believe me, you have no desire to meet me). So no need to go to Rome if you are in Italy to take full advantage of it, you can go directly to Verona, city of love à la Romeo and Juliet (love a little sad suddenly) to visit the amphitheater called the “Arena of Verona”.

Prices (average prices) : 16€ for the Coliseum, 10€ for the Arena of Verona.

5. The Colosseum and the Pula amphitheater

Since we are talking about the Colosseum, you can also head to Croatia to visit the amphitheater of Pula, built by the Romans and even better preserved than that of Rome. The price of the visit is clearly cheaper and you will be able to visit this magnificent country of Croatia where people do not make a fuss over a dish they stole from the Chinese.

Prices (average prices) : 16€ for the Colosseum, 9.50€ for the amphitheater of Pula.

6. Big Ben and the Peace Tower

Do you really want to visit Big Ben in the middle of English people drinking tea while walking in the street? No. You would obviously prefer to visit the Peace Tower in Ottawa in Canada and that’s good, Big Ben is closed for renovations, so in any case it’s dead for this visit. So ok the trip to Canada will be much more expensive than a trip to England but this part is up to you to organize it, I just give you the prices, you take care of the trip and don’t forget the sandwiches .

Prices (average prices) : Big Ben is closed, 13.25€ for the Peace Tower.

7. The Golden Gate and the April 25 Bridge

Again, why cross the planet to see a bridge? If you don’t have the money to go to the United States in the San Francisco Bay you can very well take advantage of the April 25 bridge in Portugal, it’s clearly the same thing but better, since the bridge takes its name from the date of the Portuguese revolution, and that’s still a lot classier than “golden door”.

Prices (average prices) : €6 for the Golden Gate, €1.85 for the April 25 bridge.

8. The Acropolis of Athens and Ephesus

So already I prefer to warn you not to get screwed like me, the Acropolis is not something in the trees with zip lines, it’s just ruins in Greece where we queue. To avoid this and the price, we advise you to go directly to Turkey to visit Ephesus which, in addition to having more mouth, gave its name to many kebabs. Clearly a wise choice. And if you’re in Turkey, don’t miss Istanbul’s must-see things, otherwise you’ll cry.

Prices (average prices) : 20€ for the Acropolis, 11€ for Ephesus.

9. The Taj Mahal and Bibi Ka Maqbara

If you are in India, you have the choice of weapons since these two monuments are there. Well, both are very beautiful and indeed there is one better known than the other, but inevitably it is more expensive. So we still advise you to visit the second one, in addition there are fewer people and it’s much more original to place it in a random discussion as in the following example: “Be careful behind you there is the Bibi Ka Maqbara!! »

Prices (average prices) : €12.45 for the Taj Mahal, €3.30 for the Bibi Ka Maqbara.

10. The Capitol and El Capitolio

Ok, the guys didn’t give a shit about the name of the thing, but frankly if you want to see the capitol and stuff yourself with some weirdoes who want to occupy it by force, that’s up to you. However, you have the option of visiting “El Capitolio” in Cuba, there are palm trees around so automatically it’s more fun.

Prices (average prices) : Free but on reservation (therefore impossible) for the Capitole, 8€ for El Capitolio and a signed photo of Fidel Castro in a ski suit.

Top 10 look-alikes of famous landmarks that cost less to visit than the original
Photo credits (Public Domain): United_States_Capitol_-_west_front.jpg: Architect of the Capitol

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