Top 10 Locations Where Windows Wallpaper Photos Were Taken

We have all been stuck for hours in front of Windows wallpapers, wondering why we screwed up our eyes in front of our screen, when we could oxygenate our pupils with these wonders from the end of the world. Windows: our small daily window on the planet.

1. Sonoma California

Unless you are addicted to Linux, or addicted to Apple products, this little green hill is engraved forever on our retina, by dint of seeing it appear on the desktop of our PC. This photo, which real geeks have nicknamed Bliss, was taken in 1996 in California in the Sonoma Valley, north of San Francisco. Since then, the place does not really look like the Windows wallpaper and would be invaded by plans of vines, which almost burned down last October during fires that ravaged the region.

2. The Antigua Islands in the Caribbean

Yes, we are talking about the one with the sailboat on the left of the screen that taunted us all day long, while we toiled away like mad on our computer dreaming of our next vacation at Berck Plage. As you can imagine, this photo was not taken in Pas-de-Calais on the Opal Coast, but in the Caribbean, near Antigua in the north of Guadeloupe. Unless it’s on the Cayman Islands side.

3. The Sossusvlei Desert in Namibia

This famous wallpaper would look a lot like Namib Naukluft Park located in Namibia and more specifically in the salt and clay desert called Sossusvlei. The latter has the particularity of hosting some of the highest dunes in the world, some of which can reach 375 meters above sea level, or rather here, from the Atlantic Ocean, which is only a few kilometers away. . The most observant will have noted that the photo used as wallpaper for Windows was photoshopped, the moon appearing upside down.

4. Antelope Canyon in Arizona

We all lost ourselves for hours in the hypnotic contemplation of these rounded shapes, saying to ourselves… saying nothing at all in fact, our brains switched to standby mode. Even though it looks like the Grand Canyon, this photo was taken at the Upper Antelope Canyon, about 3 hours away. The place is in a Navajo reservation (no it is not filled with descendants of Roger Hanin) and was discovered in 1931 by a young girl looking for her lost sheep. Nice find.

5. Lac de Pontet in France

You must know this wallpaper, if your pc runs under windows 10. The good news is that the photo was taken in France and more precisely at Lac du Pontet, near the town of Villar-d’Arène and the Parc des Ecrins. It would also seem that this is the only French landscape taken over by Microsoft to dress its OS.

6. Burlington in Canada

Who knows why, this wallpaper has sparked heated debates about where the photo came from. So much so that a journalist from Vanity Fair magazine (surely an intern), investigated for almost a year to find the trace. A quest that led him to the city of Burlington in Ontario in Canada. Here, here…

7. Longji rice fields in China

Head to southern China and the rice terraces of Longji, which in Chinese means “dragon’s spine”. The name would refer to the different rice fields (the vertebrae) while the mountain would logically be the column. The region is also known for its colorful Zhuang and Yao ethnic groups who largely contributed to the construction of these terraces which began in the 13th century and ended in the early 20th. All this to end up in the background of PC users.

8. Stonehenge in England

This wallpaper appeared at the same time as Windows 7, which does not necessarily leave only good memories. Many will have recognized the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stonehenge, which attracts nearly 1 million visitors each year. A monolithic monument which would date from approximately -2800 BC, even if the human presence on the spot is proven since -8800 of our era. As for knowing precisely what the site was used for, there is talk of processions, funeral ceremonies, when others argue that Stonehenge was erected by Merlin the enchanter, who would have made stones fly over the ocean to build the building. It holds.

9. Mount Rainier in Washington State

Looking at this mountain which stands out against a pink background (very cool), and lit by a full moon, we all said to ourselves that it must be very cold in the area and that we were still quite warm in front our screen. As for the photo, it was taken at Mount Rainier in Washington State. The latter is particularly renowned for its 25 large glaciers, playgrounds for many trekkers.

10. Wharariki Beach in New Zealand

The photo would have been taken in New Zealand and more exactly at Wharariki Beach on the South Island. If you’re tired of staring in front of your PC wallpaper, know that the place offers magical ballads, whether for its white sand dunes, its caves carved into the cliff by the ocean, or its fauna. local, be it the colonies of seals or surfers… On the other hand, the jogger is not guaranteed during the visit.

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