Top 10 Lies Movies Tell About Guns

Cinema is only mythos. People who love each other don’t even love each other in real life, the explosions of Michael Bay are not even real (as evidenced by these lies from the cinema about war or these lies from the cinema about swords) and when you see supernatural stuff, it’s not even reality. That’s enough. Today we are looking at firearms and I can tell you that you are going to fall out of your chair as you step into the world of truth.

1. No, we don’t improvise as a super gun shooter

In almost all the movies and all the series we see young people (or not especially young people) using firearms in full improvisation mode whereas the guys have never used them in their life. I can tell you that I am remater TheWire (great series to see and review elsewhere) and the guys handle firearms without ever having trained in their lives. MYTH. Moreover, people who pull sideways to look cool is also not very credible. People who do that just don’t know how to shoot.

2. Must stop with automatic weapons with inexhaustible recharges

First of all, we see a lot of automatic weapons in movies in war scenes, a lot more than there are for real. But the worst is that in the cinema, as if by chance, we never see the scenes where the shooters reload their weapons. However, if we could shoot as much, we would have to walk around with 100 kilos of cartridges, which is to say that it is not very practical for stealthy movements. Technically an AK-47 has 30 rounds, so shooting like a pig with it should reload it every 3 seconds.

Top 10 lies movies tell about guns

3. You can’t shoot your rifle placed on your hip

This is an error that can be seen in particular in Save Private Ryan but also of course in Rambo and in many other war films. Rifles are very heavy weapons and it is not at all easy to walk with them as if they were jump ropes.

Top 10 lies movies tell about guns

4. I’ll stop you right there: silencers actually aren’t really quiet

In the movies, we see the use of silencers that make less noise than an oyster fart (personally, I would like to live in a world where oysters release bass drums making a sound like an old daron). In real life, silencers are barely 10 to 20% less decibels than for a conventional gunshot.

5. No you can’t dodge a bullet

We have obviously seen it in Matrix, but in terms of realism, we can’t say that the film is up to speed. It’s a cliche found in a lot of movies and it’s clearly bogus. Overall, a ball will gallop at 1500 km/h on average. So with your human reaction time, you clearly have no possibility of attempting a move to avoid the impact. You just have to hope that your assailant shoots badly and if he shoots sideways as mentioned in the first point, you may have your chances.

Top 10 lies movies tell about guns

6. Don’t expect to shoot in a straight line

It’s quite logical in fact, but the greater the distance traveled by the ball, the more its trajectory will not be really linear. The meteorological conditions are taken into account but also the earth’s gravity. This is why it is often said that snipers have more skills of mathematicians than gamers.

7. It’s really hard to shoot with a gun in each hand

Here is another trick of cool gangsters but especially of losers. Technically it’s almost impossible to play it big with a weapon in each hand. Finally let’s say that it is possible to shoot but not to reload so you will not go far with your two boloss guns.

8. You won’t cause an explosion by shooting a car or a gas can

For the simple and good reason that the metal contained in the bullets cannot make sparks. There. We stop there. The rest is just mytho.

Top 10 lies movies tell about guns

9. No need to make a fuss of it when you take a bullet

This scene of Django is particularly convincing in this regard. We see Christopher Waltz take a bullet and jump 3 meters back. Obviously in life it does not happen like that and when we take a bullet, we do not move. We just fall because we are often the type to no longer be alive. Afterwards it is sure that it is less impressive.

10. Characters who shoot other characters don’t actually shoot them

Indeed, when we see a character perish under gunfire, this is called gambling, and the blood is not real. And the shooter is not going to jail after the shooting. ALL THIS IS FICTION GUYS, FROM THE BEGINNING WE LIE!

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