Top 10 lies and misconceptions about the clitoris, a very beautiful organ

In his book “The Fabulous History of the Clitoris”, Jean-Claude Piquard reveals that in 2010 on Google, the request “clitoris” was 5 times less requested than the request “penis”. And for good reason. We know the latest in length and breadth whether in textbooks or in porn, while the clitoris is still today a taboo subject rarely discussed in SVT courses. If the trend begins to reverse, there is still work to be done.

1. No, there are no clitoral chicks and vaginal chicks

This cleavage has gone on for too long. On earth, there are women, many women (about one in two humans on the planet). They all have different ways of having fun. There are therefore not two very distinct categories of orgasms. Moreover, our anatomical ignorance of the female genitalia has led us for too long to believe that the vagina and the clitoris were two independent things, which explained why it was thought that some women liked either one or the other. In reality, vaginal pleasure is fundamentally linked to clitoral pleasure since this organ is much larger than the small piece of skin visible from the outside and during vaginal pleasure, it is still and always the clitoris that is stimulated by the through pressure on the vaginal walls!

2. No, the clitoris does not look like a “little rosebud”

So, let’s start at the beginning. The clitoris has for too long been visualized as a cute little piece of skin. This minus size reduced its importance in the face of the phallus erected in all its majesty. Except that the clitoris as seen from the outside is only the tip of the iceberg (10% of the organ, to be precise). The 3D modeling carried out by Odile Fillod in 2016 allows us to become clearly aware of this.

Moreover, there is a whole lexical field of cuteness when we speak of the clitoris and by extension of female masturbation; we speak, for example, of caressing, touching, gluttony, naughty pleasure… In short, as Maïa Mazaurette denounces so well, we have the impression of being in a pub for a light yogurt. This choice of vocabulary says a lot about the vision of female pleasure, which, like the external appearance of the clitoris, is certainly only a small thing at all. WELL SEE.

3. No, the clitoris is not the only thing that gives pleasure

If the clitoris is elementary in the pleasure of women, it goes without saying that it is not the only trick to use to climb the curtains. In the same way that vaginal penetration is not the only way to give pleasure to women (NO JOKING), the clitoris, although great champion of orgasmic culmination is not the only door to kif entrance. We’ll let you rack your brains (or whatever) to find your ideal recipe.

4. Yes, the clitoris changes shape just like the penis during an erection

In fact, you have to accept that the clitoris is quite close to the penis except that it does not ejaculate (contrary to what was believed until the 19th century). Apart from that, it has vestibular bulbs which, like the spongy body of the penis, fill with blood which swells the clitoris when it is stimulated or just aroused.

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5. No, the clitoris is not in the vagina

Well, now you have in mind the precise and exact anatomy of the clitoris, you get the idea that the clitoris is not hidden in the vagina (even if it remains an oh so widespread idea).

6. No, the clitoris is absolutely useless in procreation

To quote again Jean-Claude Piquard’s work “The Fabulous History of the Clitoris”, in the Middle Ages, it was thought that the clitoris (and therefore the clitoral orgasm) was essential for fertilization, a legacy of ancient medicine which put forward this theory (the humors theory). In the same way, the masturbation of women was encouraged so that these little sluts did not think of going to fool around outside the marital bed. Woe to women when it was discovered in the 19th century that the clitoris was useless for conceiving children. Bad luck, we had ripped them off so far, the idiots!

This is how we began to mutilate women on a massive scale. Excision then becomes an imposed “care” which continues today to torture 140 million girls around the world, according to the WHO.

7. No, just because the clitoris is useless in procreation does not mean it is useless AT ALL

Well, yes, because when we discovered that there was an error in the merchandise and that clitoral pleasure was useless for procreation, we quickly discarded this organ, which was considered bad. To this is added our good old Freud and his smoky theories who basically say that clitoral pleasure is bullshit: “The clitoral orgasm is a little girl’s infantile pleasure; an adult orgasm is necessarily triggered by vaginal penetration ». In the 19th century in Germany, little girls accused of masturbating were immediately circumcised (and 20% of them resulted in their death, OUPS).

8. Yes, the clitoris also has a foreskin

And yes, it’s not just the penis whose glans is protected by a foreskin, the clitoris is also entitled to this friendly shield of skin. It is also for this reason that when you throw yourself on a clitoris without having stimulated it a little beforehand, it can be unpleasant, even painful for its unfortunate owner. Thus, just like the penis, the clitoris “uncaps” when excited. It is for this reason that there is no point in jumping on it like misery on the world hoping to win the jackpot by crushing it.

9. No, we haven’t just discovered the anatomy of the clitoris.

Oh no. Basically, the first complete representation of the anatomy of the clitoris dates from 1558. And at that time already we had clearly understood that the clitoris was an erogenous zone. Then it will be necessary to wait until 1850 for the anatomist Kobelt to offer an even more precise drawing of the clitoris with its vestimentary bulb, its glans and its hood. We even discover that the dorsal nerve which leads to the glans of the clitoris is larger than the nerve of the penis. Unfortunately, it was towards the end of the 19th century that we discovered that the clitoris was useless in reproduction and that we decided that there was no point in looking into it. We are even witnessing a scientific decline in the 20th century, the word “clitoris” even disappearing from dictionaries for a time before the subject was brought back to the surface at the end of the 90s!

10. Yes, the real clitoris looks like a fucking chicken bone!

But if you know this furcula which is also called “wish bone” and which is recovered by deboning the unfortunate poultry. No it’s only me? Can’t you find? Not even a little? You find that it does not bring much on the scientific level? Yes well listen we do what we can.

One clitoris is better than two you’ll get. And if you want, you can find our different types of vulvas in illustrations. On Paint. Because we’re not making fun of you.

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