Top 10 Lies About Sex We’ve Always Believed, Hello G-Spot Myth

Because sex is still a somewhat taboo subject and one of the strengths of the patriarchal system of domination, a host of absurd beliefs still linger in the collective imagination. This tends to distort our perception of the shmilblick, and, ultimately, to spoil our pleasure. So we wanted to send it all out hand in hand with you.

1. The hymen is not an indicator of virginity, it’s bullshit

No one has ever wondered how a virgin girl can have her period, even though a membrane would seal on both sides the entrance to her vagina where no sharp zboub would have yet come to make a hole there. ABSOLUTE NO SENSE. The hymen, when it exists, is a ring of soft tissue, devoid of sensory fibers, and therefore does not hurt when it leaves. Because it goes away gradually with jumping rope, running and other buffers and has generally almost disappeared at puberty. It is therefore completely stupid to want to prove the virginity of anyone with.

2. Size matters

The size of your zboub will never predetermine the fun and amusement of your partner during your frenzied roll-roll sessions, so don’t rest too much on it. Already, because, as we saw above, it’s not what happens in the vagina that counts the most. So, as long as you have a tongue and a few fingers, you can make fireworks. Otherwise lesbians would be sad people, and do they look sad? I do not think so.

3. The “G-spot” is an absolute myth

I’ll stop you right now in your research, science has been on it for sixty years and after 12,000 (approximately) surveys, scans and biopsies, we still haven’t put our finger on it (hihi, that one is good) above. Researchers have come to the conclusion that talking about a dot as if it were a weird gland or a key on the keyboard doesn’t make sense. In fact, it’s a region that is located in the vagina at the level of the confluence of the bulbs of the clitoris, so it would be more sensitive in some people because it tickles the clitoris from below, that’s all.

4. Ditto for vaginal orgasm

And yes, if you follow, in the mythology of the gaudriole, it is the point G especially which would allow certain lucky girls to feel an orgasm by pure penetration. Now, as you know, it’s our buddy the clitoris that, in fact, does all the work. And even if he can appreciate being challenged from the inside by penetration, it’s still by external stimulation (on the glans of the clitoris) that he performs the most, it’s logical.

5. The first time it must bleed and above all, it must HUR

Nein nein nein. If it sucks, it’s because the body isn’t ready for the rolls yet, so we stop. We will drink herbal tea, play Uno, and we will get back to it when we are in total relaxation, without forgetting to lubricate a lot (and it often helps to start with a part of legs in the air without penetration).

6. The pill makes you fat

The pill made you fat, because of the overdose of estrogen they put in it. But now its composition has evolved, and recent studies have followed women on the pill and on placebo. Result: the weight gain is real, but identical in both cases. So if you take the pill and you gain weight, it’s just because we are all fattening year after year. That’s life, that’s how it is, and the pill will not be your scapegoat.

Top 10 lies about sex we've always believed, hello g-spot myth

7. You can’t get pregnant during your period.

You can ALWAYS get pregnant. Ovulation can happen at any point in the cycle, early, mid (statistically more likely) or late, and a beefy-type sperm can survive a week inside you. So let’s say you do tak-tak without protection during your period, you ovulate right after, and Rambo the sperm is still there, and bam you end up with little morning sickness from families peeing on a stick.

8. Guys crave more often than girls

In terms of desire, there is no significant difference between guy and girl. For example, researchers have followed heterosexual couples and shown that the partner less eager to have sex could be either the man or the woman, with no statistical difference leaning towards the latter. On the other hand, this myth is deeply rooted in our culture. Which means that a zouz will tend to tie up her libido because a doggy girl is dirty, she offers herself up instead of letting herself be conquered, bouuh let’s ruin her reputation. And that a guy will find it difficult to fully assume that, right now, he doesn’t really want to do dirty things and that he would prefer a hug.

9. A zouz who fornicates from right to left would be less and less close to the darling

Because of course it only works with multiple partners. Those who would have fun within the bounds of the sacred bonds of marriage would not have to worry about seeing their vagina expand. In real life, a vagina is all that elastic, so it expands to let in what it wants to let in, then, once its business is done, poum it goes back to its size initial. The ordeal if not to redo tricks once having evacuated a kid of three kilos, hello.

Top 10 lies about sex we've always believed, hello g-spot myth
Picture credits: Topito

10. Masturbation is a man thing

So of course, it’s less easy to understand how it works with a darling than with a zboub, and it’s above all much more taboo, so shame. So a lot of chicks give up on the way, because eh, why fight to achieve something that it will be difficult to assume later. But we still keep more than 60% of them who, according to a study, have had fun no later than last month, at least. Yay!

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