Top 10 lesser known things to discover within a radius of 100 km around Toulouse

We will not always be limited to trips within a radius of 100 kilometers around our home, but sometimes it can be good to know that you don’t necessarily have to make limits to be able to find interesting things. In this, Toulouse acts as a city favored by its location. Not far from the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, nor from world famous places like Carcassonne or Cordes-sur-Ciel, it is above all only a few tens of kilometers from great and sometimes less known places to discover urgently!

1. Monestiés (Tarn)

On the way to Santiago de Compostela, Monestiés is often overlooked because of its proximity to Cordes-sur-Ciel, the medieval village that needs no introduction. However, there is plenty to marvel at here. Coming from Albi or Carmaux, passing through a wooded road, just before leaving for Cordes, Monestiés remains famous for its Entombment and its 16th century church and for its very welcoming side. Especially in summer.

2. Rieux-Volvestre (Haute-Garonne)

Classified by the most beautiful villages of France, Rieux-Volvestre is a must. With its half-timbered houses, its impressive bell tower and its beautiful bridges, this village of barely 2,600 inhabitants is one of the most picturesque in the Toulouse region.

3. Mirepoix (Ariege)

One of the most beautiful villages in Ariège, Mirepoix shines thanks to its Episcopal Palace, its old Saint-Maurice cathedral, its Maison des Consuls and its half-timbered buildings surrounding the superb square and its so photogenic hall. Place des Couverts around which it is good to stroll.

4. Mazamet (Tarn)

The city of Mazamet is in itself very frequentable. However, to fill up with fresh air and nature, it is strongly recommended to head for the Black Mountain, why not stop at the brand new suspension bridge to take in the view and visit the Wood Museum and Toy. You can then hike in the forest and head for Carcassonne… Or stay in Mazamet and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

5. Les Monts-d’Olmes (Ariège)

As one of the closest ski resorts to Toulouse, not far from Foix, Monts-d’Olmes remains very popular in summer and winter alike. Summer for hiking and winter for winter sports. A family resort, peaceful, at the foot of the Ariège Pyrenees.

6. St-Antonin-Noble-Val (Tarn-et-Garonne)

In all seasons Antonin-Noble-Val knows how to welcome tourists. Around the market or simply along the streets, in generous nature, in the heart of a region that is historically very rich. A place where you can admire many monuments with discreet but certain charm, on which Steven Spielberg set his sights, he who produced the film Recipes for Happiness there. Not a masterpiece, we agree, but excellent publicity for Saint-Antonin.

7. Cahors (Lot)

And more particularly the part located at the edge of the Lot. Where it is good to stroll, before why not setting off to discover the center and its remarkable points of interest. So yes, we can quite wonder what Cahors is doing in a top dedicated to little-known corners located near Toulouse. Because Cahors is known, isn’t it? Yes, but probably not enough if you ask me!

8. Placentia (Aveyron)

If you want to cut yourself off from civilization without going too far either, this is the ideal place. Tiny village buried in greenery on the banks of the Rance, a tributary of the Tarn, Plaisance is as charming as it is peaceful and bears its name well. In summer, you can find coolness there, enjoy a benevolent shade and soak your feet in the stream. It’s beautiful, it’s green, it’s Aveyron.

9. Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges (Haute-Garonne)

Guarantor of a very ancient history, of which it is possible to admire the vestiges, Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges shows an exceptional cultural richness. A village of course known to the inhabitants of the area, which it is urgent to discover. From churches to cathedrals, from old houses to statues, from fountains to small bridges, there is no shortage of exceptional sites.

10. Lisle-sur-Tarn (Tarn)

Close to Gaillac, Lisle-sur-Tarn and its arcaded square are definitely worth a detour. Where a chocolate museum delights visitors while the streets tell a thrilling story to anyone who knows how to listen. And then there is the wine. Not far from Gaillac, Lisle-sur-Tarn also has its feet in the vineyards! To pass the chocolate, the wine, it’s perfect!

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