Top 10 jobs that are not too stressful and very well paid (good tips)

Every day, people quit to completely change jobs after a long career of getting up every day halfheartedly. Very often, it is because of stress: we all dream of a life without anxiety and without haste. No profession is perfect, but there are professions where you can live without stress while being very well paid.

1. Orthodontist

Annual salary : €120,000

Becoming an orthodontist is a bit like cheat codes doctors. It’s well paid but you avoid the stress of having to save lives: there is little chance of making a mistake. The worst thing is the duration of the studies, it takes between 8 and 10 years between the common core and the specialization. So okay, you have to be a minimum of concentration, but it’s still much more chill than surgeon.

Top 10 jobs that are not too stressful and very well paid (good tips)

2. Mathematician

Average annual salary: €80,000

According to the US Department of Labor, the profession of mathematician is one of the least stressful (compared to the salary of course, it is certainly less stressful to work in a hut on the beach). A mathematician spends his days doing mathematical research so there is little chance that a huge hassle will arise, it is a profession with very little anxiety.

In truth, mathematicians are not all paid equally well in France, we advise you to go to the United States instead for a salary of 100,000 balls per year.

3. Web Developer

Annual salary : 65.000€

Web developer is the ultimate dream job. All companies are looking for developers and since there are not enough of them, they are very well paid. Developers (or “dev” for short) often work freelance and can therefore manage their time as they wish, without any stress. The only negative point is that few people find this job fascinating (and it’s immediately less fun).

Top 10 jobs that are not too stressful and very well paid (good tips)

4. Physicist

Annual salary : €65,000

In the category of jobs that are not stressful at all, the physicist is the best paid of all. If you have ever watched The Big Bang Theoryyou see a little delirium: physicists study the laws and physical phenomena based on experiments, observations and super complicated calculations.

5. Geoscientist

Average annual salary: €65,000

Being a geoscientist pays very well. The problem is that not much happens on a daily basis (except in the event of a disaster scenario worthy of an action movie). Geoscientists study the composition and structure of the planet and the phenomena that occur below the surface.

6. Chemical and materials engineer

Average annual salary: €45,000

If you are not a scientist at heart and you are not ready to do complicated studies, this job is clearly not for you. The advantage is that it is VERY well paid and it has the reputation of not being too stressful. Metal science is the study of the structures and properties of materials. Well, of course it’s not everyone’s dream job.

Top 10 jobs that are not too stressful and very well paid (good tips)

7. Chemical Engineer

Annual salary : €60,000

If you don’t have a Bac S, you already know that this job is not for you. There are “engineer” and “chemist” in the title and without even knowing what that means, we suspect that it requires a certain level of study which is very difficult. From what we understand, a chemical engineer deals with the design and supervision of equipment and chemical processes of all products. You don’t understand what that means either? Too bad, because it’s a job that pays well and is rather cushy.

8. Economist

Annual salary : €45,000

As a general rule, professions where theory takes precedence over practice are much less stressful: people who do research face less stress since they take zero risks (and no one comes to piss them off). Researchers in economics can very well earn a living if they are respected enough in the community, there is still time to embark on an L1 eco-management.

9. Computer scientist

Annual salary : €35,000

A computer researcher has a really quiet life: he has a job that is not at all anxiety-provoking, everyone needs him and he is therefore well paid. That doesn’t mean it’s a fascinating job, far from it, but it at least avoids stress. Basically, the computer researcher studies the problems between hardware and software in an attempt to find solutions to them.

Top 10 jobs that are not too stressful and very well paid (good tips)

10. Art Director

Average annual salary: €50,000

You can be an artistic director in many different fields: cinema, advertising, the media, music… In France, an artistic director who starts out is often poorly paid, but the salary can change very quickly, it’s a job where you have to prove yourself to be successful. This is the most stressful job in this ranking since the stress indicator is 69 according to Business Insider.

If you want a real dream job for which you don’t have to do 6 years of studies (but which will not be paid as well, admittedly), you can always become a mattress tester.

*For the average annual salary of each profession, we are talking about the salary of an experienced professional, in the middle or at the end of their career.

Sources: GQ – Top Professions – Onisep

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