Top 10 Jean Castex tricks that we will (almost) miss, salut l’artiste

As you know, the results of the presidential election bring with them their share of changes, starting with the head of government, I named Jean Castex, late Prime Minister (well a priori). He will leave behind more or less happy memories, but above all a lot of things that we will miss. So we decided to list them to honor his memory. Hi Jeannot, hoping that you will find a good professional retraining in aeronautics.

1. His singsong accent

What sweet music for the ears as the southern accent of Jean Castex, he could tell us the worst horrors, we had the impression that it was kind and benevolent. Like the people of the south, insults and disrespect are always softer with a nice accent and the sound of crickets.

2. His tours of the country by private jet

We can blame him for many things, but Jean, he loved France, as evidenced by his many trips to the four corners of the country in a private jet. So yes, traveling when you pay nothing is easy, but it’s especially good to stay close to the lower classes. Yes it pollutes and yes he could make these same trips by car or train, but hey, it’s longer so it’s boring.

3. His sweet, reassuring face even when he broke bad news

Before being a minister, Jean Castex was a human. A human with a funny face with many facial expressions, even if they weren’t worth Macron’s facial expressions in terms of variety. This reassuring and comforting face was the bedrock that maintained peace and tranquility in times of health crisis, without him in the political landscape it is almost certain that the country will descend into chaos.

4. His discretion, since we don’t really know what he did in his job for almost two years

Looking back, it’s a little hard to tell what he did to his job for so long. Far from the style of flashy prime ministers and in perpetual search for attention like Manuel Valls’ big dork, Jean Castex was a simple person who only wanted to be paid and to travel without giving a damn. Everyone’s dream.

5. His unforgettable films

Some often forget that before becoming prime minister, Jean Castex was Albert Dupontel’s understudy. He accompanied him on the set of many films, always knowing how to put his political ideas aside to allow Dupontel to support him. An artist before being a statesman.

6. His iconic middle fingers

It was his own way of making it clear to reporters that he didn’t agree with them. Jean was not a man of long speeches and empty words, he knew how to convey his ideas and his rants in a gesture. A brave and upright man in his boots.

7. Having him as an employee (and paying his salary)

As you know, generally when we pay someone’s salary it means we are their boss, and as we pay the salaries of Prime Ministers that makes us their employers. Parting with your favorite employee is always heartbreaking, but it’s for the best because you have to let him fly on his own.

8. The noise of his plane when he takes off to go 1km from home

His neighbors will miss him more than the rest of the French, but still, we have to talk about it. It reassured them to know it had come back from travel when they heard the sound of the landing, and that’s normal, they didn’t really like knowing it on the road. Like the French people, his neighbors appreciated him and were cheerful when he was around.

9. Her humility when Marine Le Pen came out on top in her city for the presidency

You may not know it, and it is mainly because he is very humble and did not talk about it, but Jean Castex and his government did not win in his city of Prades. The inhabitants preferred Marine Le Pen to him, because they did not realize how lucky they were. Really bastards.

10. His appearances on TV all the time

At one time we saw him more on TV than the presenters of JT and we all agree that it was the best moment of the last two years. He will certainly be missed by all of us all the time, but we must move forward and welcome the new Prime Minister. Go Melenchon.

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