Top 10 inventions that really saved us time, thank you for existing

1. The retractable umbrella

Before the democratization of the retractable umbrella that you can keep in your bag, people had to walk around with an umbrella that was much too big “just in case” and it must have been really annoying. The laziest didn’t bring an umbrella and waited under an awning for the rain to stop, a real waste of time.

2. The scratch

Imagine a world without hook-and-loop fasteners on diapers, stretchers, or children’s shoes. Before the 1960s, exhausted parents had to tie their children’s shoelaces 15 times a day instead of just using hook-and-loop shoes. It’s still easier today.

3. The salad spinner

Before the invention of the salad spinner in the 70s, people had to dry salad sheet by sheet with paper towels. It was downright not green (but they didn’t really care at the time), it was very boring and above all, it took a lot longer. Now you can eat healthy in three strokes.

4. Easy openings

We are so used to easy openings that we forget that they did not always exist. On a packet of grated cheese or ham, we could get by without help, but what about canned goods? Have you ever opened a can of tuna with a can opener? Because I don’t, and it’s much better that way.

5. Relay points

Having a package delivered 24 hours a day when you are not at home is a real organizational challenge. It is necessary to calculate the day and time of arrival, to know if the neighbor will want to receive it or leave a note for the deliveryman. So complicated. Fortunately, you can have it delivered to bric-a-brac shops around the corner.

6. The electric kettle

While hanging out on social networks, we realized that the majority of Americans do not have an electric kettle. Stupor in the ranks: how do they survive? Everyone should have a kettle, if only to boil pasta water faster and eat in 5 minutes.

7. The remote control

Today, we have a remote control for everything and it’s hard to imagine a daily life where we have to get up to change the TV channels. The only tricky thing is remembering what each remote is for. “She where the TV one? So this one is for the garage gate, this one is the living room shutters, this one is the decoder…”

8. The induction charger

Induction chargers are not yet widespread and that’s a shame because it’s terribly practical. When you’re at a party with friends, there’s always someone asking “Does anyone have a charger?” » and you hear people answer « I have one but it’s not the right one and moreover I only have the cable and it’s a little broken because my dog ​​chewed it ». Great, thank you.

9. The arrival of DVD after VHS

Do you sometimes think of all we could have done if we hadn’t spent long minutes of our lives rewinding VHS tapes before putting them back in the cases? When the DVD arrived, it was a revolution to have a main menu, chapters and even different languages, but the greatest thing was not having to wait while rewinding.

10. Online administrative procedures

Nobody likes filling out papers, paying bills, sending letters or buying stamps, that’s obvious. Fortunately, we live in a great time where all administrative procedures can be done on the internet (banks, insurance, health, etc.). It’s so much simpler that we forget how we did it before.

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