Top 10 Inventions That No Longer Need Improvement

Just a few days ago, we were talking about inventions that did more harm than good, and today we’re still in the middle of inventions, but to talk about the cool ones. The ones that are so well done that you don’t even need to improve them anymore. Those for which engineers can no longer do much. These inventions are the S.

1. The machine for laying pins in bowling alleys

She’s already doing her job perfectly, frankly, what more do you want her to do? That she has Wi-Fi? That she speaks? “Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to have put your pins on the lane, it’s up to you now ;)” Imagine, it would be anything.

2. Paper clip

I’m not talking about the instrument but about the little metallic thing to attach sheets to each other. The thing has been around since the end of the 19th century and it hasn’t changed since. Why ? Because it works SUPER well. Do you know of any inventions that serve their purpose just as well? No.

3. Brick

It’s been thousands of years that we make with baked clay, and no one wants the thing to change shape or material. Finally, there are bricks made with other materials, but no one cares about them. Nobody speaks to them in the evening and they always drop their tray in the canteen. No, red brick is the best, and it doesn’t need anything more.

4. The nail clipper

So I’m not saying, if one day a guy gives us a nail clipper that does everything on its own while I sleep and saves me from wasting 2 minutes a week, all that for less than 10 bucks (because you can’t mess around) , then I would say yes. But in the meantime, the nail clipper has reached perfection, and the multi-billionaires use the same as me. Ultimately theirs is gold, but that doesn’t change anything.

5. The zipper

You can replace it with buttons, Velcro, magnetic closures or even laces, but you can’t improve it. Try to find something to add to the zipper to make it work better. I’ve been working on it for 12 years and still can’t find anything. I lost wife and children because of that. No, sorry, she’s too perfect.

6. Zero

Well, I never understood any of that, but apparently, since we invented the zero, no one has ever found anything wrong with it. There’s no guy who came back saying: “Mmmh, what bothers me with the zero is that it’s a bit too much…well not enough…well I don’t know, your thing will never work, you have to improve it.” » It’s ridiculous.

7. The Sewing Needle

Our ancestors and our ancestors’ ancestors already used sewing needles like ours, and I never heard one complain. Ultimately he said: “Ouch, I pricked my finger with my needle, it’s boring it’s the 3rd time this week”but that’s all.

8. Corks

Imagine one day a guy comes back to reu and swings: “I have an idea for the corks, we are going to make them in plastic”. And there his colleagues answer him: “But it wouldn’t be Bernard corks anymore!” » and Bernard to answer: “Well yes, I’m stupid. Sorry it’s not going well at the moment. I realized yesterday that my son was actually my brother and I have been disturbed ever since. » IMAGINE.

9. The Schrader valve

There you wonder what I’m talking about and if I’m not just having a stroke, but no. The Schrader valve really exists and it is the small valve that allows the tires of our bicycles to be inflated. It was patented in 1893 and hasn’t changed since. Finally yes, it turns around the axis of the wheel of the bicycle, but please don’t play with words.

10. The Wheel

Go ahead, try to improve it, this thing that we owe to prehistoric men, we’ll see what you are capable of. You are going to do what ? Make it rounder? Add a small sticker on it to write “Wheel Version 2”? NOPE. YOU WILL DO NOTHING. The wheel has been there for thousands of years, and please respect it.

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