Top 10 indestructible objects, those who survived incredible tricks

Life is sometimes a female dog. Sorry. Trash as an intro. But it’s true. Life is full of surprises, which we could do without sometimes. Kind of disasters, dramas, or just the passage of time. Sniff. And in her cruel lack of compassion, she often takes with her the objects that we would have liked to keep forever. Like my comforter. HAPPILY, some are stronger than that. More robust. Unbreakable. Forces of nature that deserved a little top!

1. A GameBoy, still functional after a bombardment

The Game Boy is already one of Nintendo’s best consoles. But among all these treasures, there is an even crazier copy than the others: the one that withstood a bombardment during the Gulf War (1990 – 1991). Placed in a soldier’s bag, the explosions did not completely destroy it, just badly battered. We’re not going to lie to each other, the carcass is still well smashed. Touched, but not cast: the screen still works perfectly. A screen that the store claims never to have changed! Do we have a Tetris?

To admire it, you can go to the Nintendo World Store in New York. Or just look at the photo, just below.

2. The Gamecube, winner of the console war

And yet another indestructible Nintendo creation! Fifteen years ago (no belies the incredible image quality of the video, just below), a great battle broke out between Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube fans. To decide between them and elect THE coolest console, this totally balanced young woman engaged in a terrible exercise: a series of very venerable crash-tests (based on sledgehammers, or falls from the first floor). A scene of rare violence, from which the GC emerged as the only survivor. A moved thought for the other two adversaries, who unfortunately never got up.

3. The incredible life of a Nokia 3310

One phone, 17 years of life. Coming of age soon. We do not see them growing up in these things. And which of you, who, can say the same about their latest smartphone? Anybody. Don’t lie, if it still works after 4 years, you’re crazy.

It is a British soldier who is the proud owner of this fabulous object. In addition to withstanding time, it has also withstood the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq, a washing machine, a dip in a curry sauce, and of course, many drops.Icing on the cake : its charge still holds… 10 days. 10 DAYS. A moment of silence for our shitty batteries that don’t make it through the day, please.

(The story was told in 2017. We sincerely hope that this phone will celebrate its 22nd spring this year).

4. Airpods, after a tour in the human body


A man accidentally swallowed his AirPods in his sleep (already, it’s funny. The guy fell asleep with his headphones in his ears. One of his devices then landed in his wide open mouth. Probability: 0. A guy very lucky what.) The rest of the story is disgusting, so we’ll sum it up quickly: he went to the hospital, ingested laxatives and… Yes, there you go, you see where I’m coming from. I’ll spare you the part where he picked it up, washed and dried it, then… put it back in the ears. DISGUSTING. Yuck. A dirty adventure that will not have been without result: the earpiece was still working, with 41% battery. There you go. Not to be tested, I remind you.

5. A Titanic Survivor Fur Coat

That of the first class stewardess, Mabel Bennett. It is one of the very few clothes that survived the sinking of the ship, and which emerged completely intact. At the time of the tragedy, its owner takes care to embark it on board the lifeboat, to protect itself from the cold. It was then sold at auction, 210,000 euros.

6. Bottles of wine, centuries in the seabed

Another shipwreck story. In 1735, a ship sank off the Dutch coast. On board: a cargo of Madeira wine, dated 1675. The boat sank, the bottles too, and we don’t hear about it for decades. And SURPRISE, in 1982: cases of this beverage were found and brought to the surface. In total: 10 bottles are saved, and entrusted to the Maritime Museum of Vilssingen, in Holland. The craziest thing: the salt of the seabed allowed the preservation of the wine. It is therefore still possible to consume it, 350 years after its manufacture! To savor it while visiting the most beautiful city in France: one of the 10 bottles was bought at auction by the N°5 Wine Bar in Toulouse! Remember, however, to take out a loan, sell your kidney, or your soul before you go there: the bill will be high. 100,000 euros a bottle, if you win. 45,000, if tasted on site. 7000 euros, if a small glass is enough for you!

7. A hundred-year-old bulb

Also called “Livermore’s Bulb” or “Centennial Light”. An incandescent lamp that has been shining since… 1901, in the fire station of Livermore, California. If it has not survived dramas or comical situations, this lamp has brilliantly (ahahaha) survived the test of time. It would even be the oldest, still functional, in the world. 120 years of life, it’s still not nothing. If you want to see it, no need to move: a webcam allows you to watch it shine live.

8. Super Watermelon

Super watermelon, super watermelon, she’s had enough of it, suddenly she throws herself, 45 meters, and she doesn’t even finish carpetteeeee (to read, singing, to the tune of super pig. Please .Respect my work.)

Well, I spoil: you will be very disappointed. This watermelon is a cheat. It did indeed survive a long fall, BUT IT WAS COVERED WITH A SPECIAL COATING. (SHOCKED. DISAPPOINTED.) Line-x: A spray sold as capable of rendering all objects indestructible. To be sure, two youtubers decided to carry out this experiment. And the result is still surprising!

Unfortunately, and for scientific purposes, super watermelon has been cut out. She will therefore not be available to return, for us, to this incredible leap into the void. We are very sad. But science will never forget it. RIP.

9. Ginkgo Biloba, oldest tree in the world

The most solid thing that exists on this low ground. Truly. Already, this species of tree would have… 270 million years! No, I’m not kidding you. Not there, at least. It’s really true. She would have even met dinosaurs before (and I’m not talking about your grandfather. I’m talking about REAL dinosaurs.)

The Gingko Biloba is also the only tree that resisted the atomic bomb, dropped over Hiroshima in 1945. Among all the flora present at the point of impact, the six trees of the species are the only ones to have new bud the following years. Crazy, right?

10. Small Bonus: Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Not to be confused with tamagotchi, this revolutionary game that will never be forgotten. And who, unfortunately, has not passed the stage of the passage of time. Tsutomu Yamaguchi is both the luckiest and the luckiest man on the planet. SO OK, THIS IS NOT AN OBJECT. But allow me to doubt that this person is not actually a superhero. Or a robot. Or both. So he totally belongs in this top, ok?

SO. This Japanese man survived Hiroshima AND Nagasaki. Either, two monstrous bombardments, in just 3 days. We are on what shitty week level ratio, there? In any case, it will have earned him the status of the only man in the world to have survived two nuclear explosions. Creepy as a title, but it has the merit of existing.

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