Top 10 holidays we should have, eleven is clearly not enough

In France, we only enjoy eleven public holidays a year, that’s not much and above all, we literally had one of them stolen so that it became a day of solidarity with the elderly and that we could buy them nappies and compote by working for free. But it is clearly time to rise up against these rules and to have a new list of public holidays voted (about ten) in order to once again be able to become a great nation united in what is most French: the good old gland.

1. The day after a public holiday

The only annoying thing about holidays is when you have to go back to work the next day. But imagine if there was an automatic public holiday the day after each public holiday that can be combined up to five consecutive days, we would finally have time to assemble this Ikea piece of furniture which has been molding in the living room for two years and which is squatted by a family weasel that ardently defends its territory.

2. When you have just adopted a cat

The “chaternity leave” whose idea comes from the series The Office is an absolutely brilliant concept that should be adopted and kept. Can also be adapted with dogs and fish, but also for any project of “hamsternity” or babysitting for a week.

Top 10 holidays we should have, eleven is clearly not enough

3. When you buy a new console

Anyway when we just got a new console we are not at all focused on our work and we only think about that so we might as well spin the day to go get our ass roughed up by bosses in Elden Ring and come back to the office with peace of mind the next day, it will be better for everyone.

4. France’s two World Cup victories

July 12 and July 15 should clearly be considered two national holidays and treasures. If we have more than four public holidays that come to us from the Catholic religion in a republic that is supposed to be secular, I don’t see what the problem is with adding those.

Top 10 holidays we should have, eleven is clearly not enough

5. When there is a departure or arrival drink the day before

The aftermath of the departure or arrival drinks in a company should be marked with the white and very fragrant stone of the holiday, because generally these events are punctuated by an eventful evening and a short night’s sleep, which which means workplace productivity worthy of that of a tranquilized hedgehog.

6. When you haven’t taken sick leave in the past year

If you have just worked a whole year without ever having taken sick leave, it seems to me quite justified to be entitled to a day or two of rest for having been one of those who hold the helm without complaining and do not stay at home. them a week of not giving a damn because they blew their noses when they got up on Monday morning.

Top 10 holidays we should have, eleven is clearly not enough

7. When you just got dumped

Recovering from a breakup can be a long and complicated road like the one our excrement travels in the sewers (I am currently training in metaphor, if you don’t like it contact the trainer). In order to bounce back well after such an event, a week of public holidays would be welcome and would allow the person concerned to come back stronger than ever. The number of days given is to be calculated on the length of the relationship.

8. The day after his birthday

On his birthday it would be a bit stupid since everyone is nice at the office, but the next day is perfect: it gives you the opportunity to have a big party without worrying about having to work the next day. If you agree with me, show it by going around your living room table behind the wheel of a floor polisher.

Top 10 holidays we should have, eleven is clearly not enough

9. When you hit yourself a little hard or you have a little pain that does not pass in sick leave

We could grant one day a year of “small sick leave” which would take into account these small injuries of life which damage us without being considered as justifiable for sick leave for our insurance. Of course, this should be limited to one or two days maximum per year, which cannot be combined with the days of years without sick leave in point 5.

10. Series Release Day of the Year

Every year there is a series that emerges from the others and it’s always super boring to dodge spoilers while trying to free up time to watch it. But here’s the ideal solution: a holiday to take the time to watch it in one day and be up to date without looking like the only big jerk in the office who hasn’t watched.

Top 10 holidays we should have, eleven is clearly not enough

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