Top 10 historical queen names to never pass on to your child

One of the benefits of the abolition of the monarchy in France in 1792 was, among other things, to no longer have to pass on a royal first name to its offspring, or even worse, to its offspring, to be fashionable. Because if the majority of the kings of France were named Louis, the Queens often had first names to sleep outside. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Queen named Elisabeth.

1. Base

Failing to make a name for itself in History, Basine of Thuringia unknowingly influenced the first names of the future Kings of France. 17 in total were thus called Louis, a variation of the first name she gave to her own son: little Clovis, considered the first King of the Franks. As for Bas(s)ine, his cup-shaped first name, surprisingly did not have the same success.

2. Ultrogothic

In her time, in the 6th century AD, Ultrogothe was a very common first name: the Emma of the time roughly. Queen of the Franks of Paris, she married a certain Childebert 1er who shared with her a bullshit first name. We’re not going to lie to each other, the Ultrogothe are rare today, except perhaps among death metal fans who see in this guttural first name the promise of a new catchy chorus: Ultrogooooothe!

3. Gondioque

Gondioque, queen of the Franks a little before Ultrogothe, had a life worthy of her first name: super glaucous! On the death of her husband King Clodomir of Orléans, the latter’s brother, Clotaire 1er, married her in order to accede to the throne, before a few years later, to have the children born of his wife’s first marriage murdered. (with Clodomir therefore, follow a little!). Not resentful, or simply because she wanted to live, Gondioque had 3 children with Clotaire before breaking his pipe at only 37 years old. In short, a first name quickly forgotten by history and by the rankings of the most popular first names in France.

4. Radegund

Fourth wife of Clotaire 1er, who definitely had to fantasize hard about women with strange first names, Radegonde lived a pious life which raised her to the rank of Saint, in particular for having created the abbey of Poitiers. Canonized of course, but these religious honors could not prevent her first name from falling into oblivion, to the great relief of today’s little girls who will thus spare themselves the joys of the nicknames of “Radegonde, Ras d’aiguille”.


Married at the age of 25 in second marriage to this rascal of Clotaire 1er (again him), Vuldetrade was repudiated by her husband who refourg it a few years later to the Duke Garibald of Bavarois, to whom she gave 7 children who perpetuated the line of old-fashioned first names. such as Gundoald, Grimoald, Gundoald and Tassilon for boys, and Théodelinde, Gertrude, Romilda and Ewin for girls.

6. Audovere

Queen of the Franks assassinated on the orders of Frédégonde, pretender to King Chilpéric, who replaced her on the throne, Audovère disappeared from the history books as quickly as from the list of fashionable first names. Fashion indeed, may well be only an eternal restart, there are limits that should not be crossed. We therefore hope that the first name Aud’ovaire will return to favor as soon as possible, for the well-being of future little girls.

7. Gerberge

Married at 15, widowed at 26, Gerberge de Saxe remarried immediately, but this time to the King of France, Louis IV d’Outremer, to whom she gave 7 children, including another Gerberge, to give her a chance. to perpetuate his first name. Obviously with little success. And last I heard, no one ever complained about it.

8. Bertrade

It sounds like the feminine of Bertrand, which comes from the old German “Berhrt Hramm” which means “shining raven”. Brilliant certainly but not enough to seduce future mothers when naming their offspring. And it’s not so bad.

9. Chimnechilde

Chimnechilde is not a name that is pronounced. At the limit, we can expel it like a sneeze without really knowing what will come out. On the other hand, it is undoubtedly the favorite name of speech therapists at the same time as the most feared of their patients.

10. Richard

Being born with blue blood is already not always easy to live with, but it’s nothing compared to the ordeal of having to live with a first name as an outward sign of wealth!

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