Top 10 historical personalities who loved booze too much

The story is super interesting, once you really start to put your nose in it you discover a lot of super exciting things. For example, did you know that Jesus was a carpenter? Or son of a carpenter, I don’t know. In short, it’s not important, we’re not really sure that he existed anyway. In any case today we are going to talk about historical figures who liked booze, and Jesus is obviously in it.

1. Jesus

Inevitably, I talk about it in the intro so it goes into direct top 1. When people tell you that your blood is booze frankly you don’t have to look very long to understand that alcohol is part of your life. As you will have understood, Jesus must have liked to get off behind the bar and he was right.

2. Alexander the Great

The guy wasn’t that big and only lived to be 32 years old, but his nickname comes from a big party he had in Persia at the time (around 324 BC who also loved pinard we remember) for the burial of an acquaintance. He had organized a big booze contest, a real contest because there are still 41 participants who died because of their drunkenness, the winner of which himself died three days later. Organize evenings where everyone is dying, yet another reason not to call your child Alexandre.

3.Benjamin Franklin

This iconic American, founding father of Uncle Sam’s country once said: “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. If you need one more reason to prove to you that he liked to stick it out, I don’t know what you need: he still uses God to justify his alcoholism.

5. Winston Churchill

As much to tell you right away, it’s not for nothing that someone who has drunk too much is said to be “drunk like Churchill”. Inevitably the guy had a hole in the bucket, he drank fairly substantial doses, preferring during the war to go drink in the trenches than to stay at headquarters where only tea was served. Also he drank wine at breakfast, which is still a signal.

6. Orson Welles

The actor and director was not only a big drinker but also a big eater: in two words Orson Welles was what is called a bon vivant, a euphemism for saying “next death”. We’re still talking about someone who could down a bottle of Scotch on their own during a meal, it’s not given to the first young person who wants to get drunk.

7. Boris Yeltsin

The former Russian president liked to throw some too, suddenly he tried completely devastated to conduct the military orchestra of Berlin after stealing the baton from the real conductor. Another time, while visiting the United States, he had been found on the street in his underpants hailing a taxi to get pizzas, he was obviously round as a shovel, which is one of the expressions for say we’re drunk.

Top 10 historical personalities who loved booze too much
Photo credits (CC BY 4.0): Presidential Press and Information Office

9.Pablo Picasso

When he had no more paint to sniff, Picasso liked to drink quietly while painting. That’s how he also produced his finest works: stuffed. That’s why it’s not very straight, what some call cubism, others call it alcoholism. No, I admit I’m exaggerating. But Picasso was a heavy drinker, don’t think otherwise.

10.Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon, who is one of the worst presidents of the United States, loved the bottle a little too much, which is often scary when you are at the head of an entire country. He often drank in the evenings during his term, so much so that his team feared that if Russia attacked it would take place at night, when the president’s reaction could be completely unpredictable.

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