Top 10 highest paid actors per word, it’s rather expensive paid per sentence

The objective of everyone in terms of work remains to be the best paid by doing as little as possible, it is human and we all think the same thing about it. Those who give you bullshit like ” Choose a job you love, and you won’t have to work a day in your life. are big mythos, nobody likes to work, we just do it for the money. In Hollywood, it’s the same, if an actor can deal in his contract a huge salary, he will not be shy. And when you divide some salaries by the number of words spoken on screen, you realize that some are making a hell of a lot of money per word, even if that’s not how contracts are made.

1. Jack Nicholson: $166,100 per word for “Batman”

It was worth playing the Joker on such a paycheck because Nicholson had earned $6 million to make the movie, but on top of that he had dealt a percentage return that earned him $90 million. We almost reach 100 million for a role where the guy spoke 585 words, a monumental slap when you divide all that.

Top 10 highest paid actors per word, it's rather expensive paid per sentence
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2. Keanu Reeves: $159,390 per word for “Matrix 2 and 3”

Averaging his pay for the two movies and dividing by the word count, we come up with a nice $159,390 per word spoken. But you want to know the coolest? Keanu Reeves spun off roughly $75 million (most of his paycheck) to the film’s costume designers and special effects teams, which is almost a million per person. More proof that Keanu Reeves is the most beautiful person of humanity.

3. Kurt Russel: $144,231 per word for “Universal Soldiers”

Good old Kurt Russel got $20 million for saying just over a hundred words in that movie. A fairly huge quota when you know that not only was the film very bad, but in addition it was a hell of a failure at the box office. fun facts, Universal Soldier is part of the films that take place in the same universe since it is supposed to belong to that of the film blade runner.

4. Chris Evans: $102,740 per word for “Avengers Infinity War”

Perhaps the actor was starting to feel like his retirement from the MCU was just around the corner and he asked for a tidy sum for the film, namely $15 million for 145 words. Well, he does not reach the level of Robert Downey Jr who nabbed 10 million for three days of filming in Spiderman: Homecominga real easy role and super well paid.

5. Johnny Depp: $66,600 per word for “Alice in Wonderland”

If there’s anyone really influenced by his style of dress, it’s Johnny Depp, the guy can wear anything if Tim Burton asks him to. In return, the actor asks for a nice jackpot of 44 million dollars, which is not bad. Like it’s more than what you will earn in your whole life. Divided by the 661 words he utters in the film, that’s a nice average of 66,000 bullets per word.

6. Liam Neeson: $35,210 per word for “Clash of the Titans”

If you’ve never seen this movie, don’t change a thing, stay that way. For others, you will be quite rightly shocked to know that Liam Neeson received 5 million dollars for speaking 142 words. He was paid 7 million for the sequel which is just as shitty by the way. Holy Liam, he was always more physical than verbal anyway.

7. Sigourney Weaver: $23,130 per word for “Alien 4”

It’s far from the best of the series and besides the actress had no desire to do it, but she was offered a nice check for 11 million dollars, which divided by the number of words gives $23,130 per word. Know that for the first film, she was paid 35,000 dollars, less than two words of the fourth installment. Seen like that, it is substantial.

8. Tom Cruise: 21,540 per word for “Mission Impossible”

In the 90s Tom Cruise was at the top of Hollywood and so the paycheck followed quite logically. If he put a lot of money in his pocket by doing each part of the saga, the first remains the one who brought him the most money according to the number of words spoken. Look how happy he seems to be getting paid well and doing his own stunts.

10. Rant: The Christian Clavier case

There are a few of us in France who find that Christian Clavier is largely underpaid compared to the happiness he spreads around him in each of his films. We are therefore campaigning for an increase in his average fee so that he will one day be at the top of this list ahead of Jack Nicholson.

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