Top 10 hidden things in super famous places, we don’t tell you everything

Playing hide and seek is your greatest passion but no one wants to have fun with you anymore because you are almost 30 years old? Don’t worry, you still have plenty of other things to hunt down and this time they are not mobile and alive, so there is no risk that they will escape you!

1. The erotic pools within the Vatican

Not really the most appropriate place to do junk. Yet Cardinal Bibienna did order these tendentiously decorated bathrooms. It was Raphael who took on the task of painting frescoes on the walls, which were daring to say the least. Then we can imagine what he was doing there quietly in his little bath.

2. The underground lake under the Opéra Garnier

Do you want to do big venerable jet-ski sessions under the Opéra Garnier? It might be complicated. On the other hand, there is indeed a lake located under the large Parisian building. Except that the latter, designed in 1860, was intended to prevent water infiltration into the Opera, which was built on land that was, at the time, wet and marshy. Reassuring.

3. Encrypted inscriptions on the lampposts of Central Park to escape faster

Nearly 1,600 streetlights illuminate the 843 hectares of the famous American park. And because their creator Henry Bacon was keen to prevent visitors from getting lost forever, he set up a very judicious system to allow lost sheep to know which street they were near. For example, if the lamppost indicates 6323: the first two digits indicate the street number and the last two, if they are odd, mean that we are in the West and if they are even, in the Is (yes we understood).

4. The “Love Lounge” tucked away in Pixar Studios

Andrew Gordon, who works there, one day discovers a small hatch in his office through which he barely manages to slip through. To his great disappointment, he finds nothing thrilling about it. He then decides to create the Love Lounge in which he puts a few sofas, plaids, all in a very subdued atmosphere. Later, the “Love Lounge” turned into the “Lucky 7 Lounge” which is accessible through a fake library. Visitors are therefore no longer forced to get on all fours to access it and that is rather a shame.

5. The 7 hidden noses everywhere in London’s Soho district

In 2017, Rick Buckley, an English artist, wanted to protest against the famous “CCTV” video surveillance system, he decided to install his sculptures under the noses of the cameras in the hope of being caught. It is not so. On the other hand, we can still observe 7 of the 35 noses he created. It seems that if you find them all, you instantly become a billionaire. So there you have it, if you’re poor and lousy, grab a ticket and break over there.

6. The “Zero Point” in the major cities of the world

It was Caesar who built the first ground zero in Rome. The interest was to calculate the distance traveled to his conquests. A way like any other to assert its power. As a result, it gave ideas to many surrounding cities (or not) and devoid of personality. Washington, Santiago (Chile) but also Paris and many others have their “Zero Point” in the center of the capital which makes it possible to calculate the distance separating them from other cities (in theory). So the next time you land in Paris, you can go for a walk around Notre-Dame Cathedral and you may come across it. Well not literally. Otherwise you risk having pain.

7. A reproduction of 9/11 by “angry birds” in a Thai temple called “The White Temple”

In this temple which has absolutely nothing traditional, one can find references to Pop Culture and more. You enter through a path strewn with hands trying to grab your legs. You come across a “Predator” alien lying in the garden and the plots along the roads are decorated with skulls that you will certainly not notice at first glance. A most unusual place that certainly does not leave its visitors indifferent.

8. The fallout shelter located under the Gare de l’Est

Built during the Second World War, the bunker measures 120 m². Suffice to say that in the event of a nuclear bomb, if all of Paris rushes into it, the risk of death by suffocation is very probable. So if the leaders of world powers could calm down a bit, that would be nice. We have plenty of things to do more urgent than clams.

9. Hand-built floating islands on Lake Titi-Kaka

This is where the Uros lived (yes that’s really the name of this tribe) to escape the rival Inca tribes. They made the islands using tortora (kind of rushes) whose thickness reaches about 80 centimeters. When you move on it, you have the strange feeling of walking on water (at the same time it’s a bit the case). The inhabitants still use it today and these islands adapt to their time since there are photovoltaic panels.

10. Love, the true, the great

We never know when it hits us. So maybe one day you’ll naively wander along the docks and stumble upon your soul mate. Your eyes will meet and from that moment, you will be inseparable for life. Or else, you won’t be careful, you will advance in ignorance and you will end your life alone like a dog. Sorry.

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