Top 10 hidden rooms in famous monuments, to fill up on mysteries

It is not because a monument is famous that we know everything about it. For example, did you know that the Palace of Versailles was actually an extra-terrestrial vessel? I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure. On the other hand, for certain secret rooms, we have real evidence, so we will focus on that.

1. A secret chamber at Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is still 15 years of work to carefully deposit the good face of 4 American presidents XXL version (18 meters high) on the mountainside. And years later, we said to ourselves that something was missing to make this place really stand out. And this thing is a secret room, to shroud the place in mystery. So, in the 1990s, a little guy dug a secret chamber behind Lincoln’s head. This room, which is called the “archives room”, is actually not used very much, since it contains only reproductions of American historical documents, such as the Declaration of Independence.

2. An abandoned building in Times Square

In the middle of Manhattan’s most famous neighborhood, and in plain sight, is One Times Square, well hidden behind huge billboards. Built in 1904, this building housed the editorial staff of the New York Times for a long time, until they moved in 1997. No one has occupied this building since, apart from a pharmacy on the first floor. The owner does not need to lease the building as he feels it is profitable enough through advertising.

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3. The secret apartment of the Eiffel Tower

At the time of the construction of the bouzin, Gus Eiffel planned a small oklm apartment of a hundred square meters, on the 3rd floor, 285 meters high, because there is no harm to be done good. Today, the apartment is not open to the public but you can see the interior, and two models; Eiffel and Thomas Edison. If you know a little about real estate in Paris, try to imagine the rent that this apartment would cost.

4. Grand Central Station Ghost Pier

Grand Central Station is a huge train station in New York, and probably one of the best known in the world. But what we know less is that by wandering a little beyond the “personnel only” doors, we can find an abandoned wharf. And if it is little known today, in 1929 it was downright confidential. Directly connecting the Waldorft-Astoria hotel, without being seen from the outside, it would have notably allowed Roosevelt not to be seen in a wheelchair. Today, presidents have Air Force One, so the wharf is abandoned.

5. Disney World’s Secret Island

When the park opened in 1974, an island housing a zoological park open to the public was only accessible by boat. But in 1996, Disney changed its mind and moved all of its animals, leaving the island abandoned. Today, you can only go there by swimming, and by escaping security, but there is not much to do there except take pictures.

6. The Hidden Corridor of the Giza Pyramid

In 2016, thermal imaging cameras scanned the Great Pyramid of Giza for parts that have not yet been discovered. And of course, they found some, we are talking about pyramids anyway. But this room being particularly difficult to access, we are not really able to say what we can find there.

7. Club 33 at Disneyland

In the Disneyland of New Orleans, behind an innocuous door, one can find an ultra private club, the only place where there is alcohol in the park. What can we do ? Difficult to say, insofar as membership fees cost $25,000, to which we add $12,000 annually, and a waiting list of several years. This must be where the powerful pull the strings and pledge allegiance to the Illuminati.

Top 10 hidden rooms in famous monuments to fill up
Picture credits: wikimedia

8. The lucky 7 lounge at Pixar Studios

Again, it’s hard to say what’s in this totally private lounge. Located in Pixar Studios, it was discovered by Andrew Gordon, an animator, who once found a human-sized hatch hidden in a wall of his office. Several personalities, such as Steve Jobs, Tim Allen, have been there and signed the walls.

9. Niagara Falls Cave of the Damned Spirits

Just below a road that leads to the falls is a cave that local Native Americans said was cursed. A story of men who vex the great Spirit, and if we give a damn about it, we’re damned. But if you feel like being damned, you can still visit it.

10. Grand Central station tennis court

No wonder this is the biggest station in the world, if half of their parts are hidden. And there, it’s downright nonsense: if you are a member of the Vanderbilt Tennis and Fitness Club, you have access to a tennis court hidden somewhere in the station, we don’t really know where.

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