Top 10 hidden projects of billionaires, delusions of the rich

I don’t know about you, but personally I love billionaires. They walk around in our world among mortals with a certain aura, a different je ne sais quoi, an air of “if I want I’ll buy you you poor thing” which gives them their charm, their charisma and their uniqueness. In addition to spending part of their time snapping money, they make sure to keep making money, which is probably the (obvious) secret to their success. But some of them also work or invest in projects that are a little less visible and sometimes unusual, and it is these projects that we are going to talk about today because behind the money often hide men with their cracks.

1. Jeff Bezos and rejuvenation

Who hasn’t wanted to stay forever young? We’re not really going to ask everyone to check and count, it would be a bit time-consuming as a project, but Jeff Bezos is very interested in this idea. He invested in a company called Altos Labs and whose research supervised by a former Nobel Prize winner would work on cell rejuvenation. A project, if it comes to an end, which will probably be shared for free with the whole world without seeking to profit from it. Yeah I’m optimistic as a man.

Top 10 hidden projects of billionaires, delusions of the rich

2. Peter Thiel who wants to found a “free” world in the middle of the ocean

We know Thiel a little less in France, but he is the co-founder of Paypal and he has more millions than my grandmother has of rattan trivets (that’s a lot). This brave gentleman’s side project is called Seasteading and consists of building dwellings on platforms in the middle of the ocean to install politically autonomous colonies that would survive the rising waters. A noble project that we hope to see emerge (little oceanologist joke).

3. Jeff Bezos and his secret clock

What would you do if you had billions in your bank account? If you answered this question by: digging in a mountain to install a giant metal clock whose hand only advances a notch once a year for the next hundred centuries, then you have had the same idea that Jeff Bezos and I want to commend you for having such precise and specific ideas. Why this clock? Because it represents the passing of time, long-term thinking and it’s super classy.

4. Craig Venter and immortality, because why not

Why want to stay young when you can be immortal? That’s what rich biologist/businessman Craig Venter probably thought one morning over his caviar coffee. So he founded the company Human Longevity whose name is unequivocal and whose goal is to prevent disease and aging while finding ways to modify the human genome, just that. And I like to tell you that when he has an idea in mind, Craig does not go with the back of his hand. Or something like that.

Top 10 hidden projects of billionaires, delusions of the rich
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5. Larry Page and asteroid mining

Why look for expensive resources on Earth when you can go and help yourself in space? If you’ve seen the movie “Don’t Look Up” this will probably remind you of a certain scene. The mining of asteroids is however a very serious idea that Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google, wants to materialize. Obviously the idea is to advance science by discovering new materials, not at all to find a way to sell them at high prices on Earth.

6. Dmitry Itskov and the transfer of consciousness into robots

Yeah, well, hang on to the elastic of your underpants because we are coming to a completely crazy project: the billionaire Dmitry Itskov has a concrete desire to create Avatars in which we can transfer the personality and human consciousness to stay alive forever but in a robotic body. I might as well tell you right away, not only is this idea absolutely brilliant, but moreover, without having thought about it too much, it seems easily achievable to me.

7. Tesla’s Underwater Cars

Elon Musk likes to be noticed, that’s why even when he does something anonymous he declares some time later “actually it was me from the beginning”. That’s what happened when he bought James Bond’s underwater car anonymously to actually put a Tesla motor in it and try to make it actually work. Maybe in a few years people will be able to drive their Teslas underwater, which is good when you consider that the water level keeps rising. The rich are not idiots.

8. Bill Gates and the toilets of the future

Bill Gates is known for giving a lot of money to change the world, and we can’t blame him for having a little fun every once in a while. In this idea his latest delirium is to seek to invent futuristic toilets that could transform human stool and urine into useful materials, because it’s not so stupid when you think about it to find a way to reuse all that . From there to say that Bill Gates is impassioned by the toilets, it is a step which I am ready to cross.

9. Marc Lore wants to build a city of the future in the desert

What better place to live than the desert? Not much, and since the Earth is predicted to become an arid and super hot place in the future, you might as well get used to it right away. And that, Marc Lore understood it well, so he decided to create a super futuristic city in the middle of the desert in which nearly five million people will be able to live initially. baptized osa, the city will have shared resources, a futuristic architectural style and a bowling alley. In any case they would do well to put a bowling alley there if you want my opinion.

10. Marc Cuban, the billionaire who predicts that the richest man in the world will be someone who works on artificial intelligences

Marc Cuban doesn’t do lace, his thing is business. And he knows how to make money since he is one of the billionaires who started from scratch, so when he gives advice we listen to him. And according to him, the first person who will be “trillionaire” will be because he worked on the invention of super developed artificial intelligences. That’s why the big rich say to themselves that this may be the thing to work on to equip all households with assistant robots that are not at all super-powerful and who will never realize that they are beyond us in every way and can eradicate us. It’s alright, stop stressing, instead look at how relaxed Mark Cuban looks.

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