Top 10 Hidden Details Of Romantic Comedies, Everything You Didn’t Notice

I watched 478 romantic comedies in the last month and noticed dozens of hidden tricks in those movies that are, on the other hand, the best thing that ever happened to me. Movie people like to do this kind of stuff since you’ve already been shown the hidden details in movie credits and on movie posters. Let’s not waste time, I still have a bunch of rom-coms to watch before tonight.

1. The pregnant florist in “You’ve Got Mail”

When Meg Ryan goes to buy flowers at the beginning of the film, we can see that the nice florist is pregnant. So far nothing great phew you’re going to tell me, but when Meg Ryan returns at another time of the year, you can see on the window of the store “it’s a girl” (“it’s a girl”, for those who really have my uncle’s level of English). A little easter egg hidden in the film that should get you excited.

2. Rose riding a horse in “Titanic”

If you pay attention while watching the movie titanic, we see a picture of Rose riding a horse with one leg on either side of the saddle, a trick Jack promises to teach her how to do. But since he died she did it alone, so it’s a nice tribute. You can also see that she is riding a horse in the water and that the poor beast probably drowned afterwards, since that is what happens to everyone who comes near her.

3. The name of a character from another movie in “Sex with Friends”

In this romantic comedy, Mila Kunis finds herself stealing a poor guy’s sign at the airport to put her name on. At the base, the paper mentions “O. Penderghast”, which is actually the name of the character played by Emma Stone in a previous film by the director: Easy Girl. Yeah it’s not a crazy thing either, I admit. But the next one will surprise you (maybe).

Top 10 Hidden Details Of Romantic Comedies Everything You Didnt

4. The reference to “The Office” in “Crazy Stupid Love”

In the film, Julianne Moore who is Steve Carell’s wife has a sign on her desk that says she is “Vice President’s Associate”. Well can you imagine that this is a reference to another character played by Steve Carell who is none other than that of Michael Scott in The Office. In the series, a running gag surrounds the character of Dwight Schrute who always wants Michael to call him “the manager’s assistant” and the film crew wanted to give a little nod to this joke by asking this very discreet panel. Besides, go see the reasons to watch The Office if you haven’t already.

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5. The character who financed the psychiatric hospital in “Love and Amnesia”

In this comedy with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, the character of the latter loses her memory every morning and thinks of reliving the same day. When at one point she realizes that she has amnesia she goes to the psychiatric hospital “Callahan” which takes its name from Tommy Boy Callahan, the character of the film Tommy Boy (“the courage of an idiot” in French). A nice wink but for insiders anyway.

1653902814 515 Top 10 Hidden Details Of Romantic Comedies Everything You Didnt

6. The photo of Madonna in “30 years or nothing”

This film, which tells the story of Jenna, a 13-year-old teenager who wishes to find herself in the body of a 30-year-old woman, shows us at the beginning a photo of Madonna in her teenage room. Well if you’re careful, we find the same photo in her office when she is “adult” with an autograph of the famous singer on it as a bonus. Well it’s not the most hidden of all, so to catch up I’ll give you a second on this much more stylish film.

1653902815 425 Top 10 Hidden Details Of Romantic Comedies Everything You Didnt

7. The passage to adulthood in “30 years or nothing”

As promised, here is a second fun easter egg in reference to the original title of the film: 13 going on 30. Jenna’s character therefore goes from the age of 13 to the age of 30 (as you have understood if you haven’t read this top out of order) and this happens at exactly 13 minutes and 30 seconds in the movie. Not bad is not it ?

8. The figurine on the wedding cake in “Wedding Singer: Tomorrow we get married”

At Robbie’s wedding, the figurine on the wedding cake depicts a blonde bride with a bob haircut, while the real bride is brunette with long hair. You say to yourself that we don’t care about the world but in fact it’s a little spoiler that makes you understand that the one that the character will really love is Linda (Drew Barrymore) who has exactly this haircut. Admit that you pissed yourself in surprise when you discovered this.

9. The wedding cake in “Love at first sight in Notting Hill”

Since we are talking about the wedding cake, we must also address this one. During a discussion the couple talks about the painting by Marc Chagall The bride where you can see a goat playing the violin (don’t ask questions, I don’t have the answers) while joking about it because it’s true, it’s still quite funny a goat playing the violin at a marriage. Suddenly we find at the end of the film on their wedding cake the famous goat with the violin and that inevitably gives you a corner.

Top 10 Hidden Details Of Romantic Comedies Everything You Didnt

10. Miranda’s imitation of “Sex and the city” in “Without Sarah nothing goes”

When the main character played by Jason Segel gets drunk in a bar to forget his breakup, we see him say for a moment “I’m in Sex and the city, how are you, Miranda? “. The scene may seem innocuous like that, but right at that moment passes behind him the actress Cynthia Nixon who is none other than the real interpreter of Miranda in the famous series.

1653902817 966 Top 10 Hidden Details Of Romantic Comedies Everything You Didnt

You too, your life is a romantic comedy but just the first 30 minutes of the film when the character gets dumped and struggles to recover?

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