Released in 1990, Pretty Woman is undoubtedly the cult comedy of the 90s par excellence. Do I need to recall the story? Vivian is a prostitute hired for a week by a rich businessman and AS ACCIDENTALLY they will fall in love.

We can bring some criticism to it with a contemporary rereading of the issues (watered down vision of prostitution, patriarchal fantasy of prince charming golden boy) but this film nonetheless remains a cinematic banger (as cool people devoid of vocabulary say, of which I would almost be part of it if I didn't look like a mop).

In short, whether you are pro-Pretty Woman or not pro, or Pascal Praud, here are the exciting hidden details about this film below. Well, maybe not exciting but interesting. You have to know how to weigh your choice of words (with the scale of your choice).

The false pastry connection

At the 32nd minute of the film it's a big meltdown because you will indeed see that Vivian aka Julia Roberts shoves a nice big croissant down her throat before discovering in the next shot that she is in fact eating a pancake. EUUUUUUH SORRY BUT WHERE ARE WE Indeed, it would be impossible to swallow a croissant so quickly before biting into a pancake. In any case, do not reproduce this at home or only accompanied by professional bakers.

The first version of the film was tragic

Its first title was “3000 dollars”, in reference to the sum that Edward gives Vivian to enjoy a week of Michelin-starred restaurants. Besides, Vivian's character was originally a drug addict (her best friend even claimed an overdose) and in the end she had to be cowardly abandoned on a sidewalk and found herself spending all her money at Disney. Bad atmosphere.

The role of Edward was first offered to Al Pacino

Except Al said no. Richard Gere then came to the top of the list but initially refused the first time. As for Julia Roberts, who was not half of a star at the time, she was not included in the casting and the role went from refusal to refusal between Michelle Pfeiffer, Meg Ryan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sandra Bullock, Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, Valeria Golino, Daryl Hannah and Brooke Shields. So many actresses who were a little afraid of projecting the image of a hustler in the very sexist world of cinema. It even seems that at the time they also offered the role to Corinne Touzet but she was not available because she was witness to her cousin's wedding.

In this scene, Richard Gere improvised the closing of the box and Julia Roberts' laugh is 10% sincere

Well I hope this isn't THIS the best moment of the shoot because closing the jewelry box by surprise on your fingers isn't a joke to writhe your ass on the floor either. Especially since it's extremely painful to twist your ass on the ground.

Moreover, this necklace is a real custom-made jewel from Fred Joaillier

992 white diamonds and an estimated value of 200,000 balls, let me tell you that you shouldn't break it. Well then I would have given you an old Claire's necklace and you would have seen nothing but fire but hey for the love of the carat…

On the other hand, can we talk about the name of the jeweler? Fred Joaillier there's zero effort, it's as if my name was Louise Rédaction.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are totally fake on this poster

Richard Gere photoshopped his white hair and it's not Julia Roberts' legs that we can see at all but those of Shelley Michell, her understudy. Indeed, everyone knows that Julia Roberts has legs that measure 12 cm which would have been weird.

Richard Gere hates this movie

It's not a hidden detail as such but if you ever come across Richard Gere, don't you dare ask him what he thinks of his character because he finds him completely stupid and retrograde, moreover he described the “stupid romantic comedy” movie.

WOW… Well nice. Thanks Richard. Well then, this guy is so deconstructed that it looks like a puzzle so we can't really be surprised. On the other hand, we can absolutely be nippled, that's what happens when we are so seduced by a person that our nipples explode. Be careful, it's very dangerous.

Julia Roberts' shampoo was too strong

In the bath scene, the film crew screwed up a detergent to make bubbles (probably based on bleach and soda) which caused Julia Roberts' character to lose her hair and nails and 78 % of her skin, a big hassle to continue filming because she had suddenly become very ugly.

LOL. No, that's not true, but the detergent still ruined the actress's dye and she found herself having to pay for coloring at 10 p.m. Much less nightmarish as a situation except for the colorists who are certainly reading this top in panic at the moment.

To make Julia Roberts laugh, Garry Marshall tickled her feet

While Vivian is supposed to be having a blast watching the series I love Lucy, the actress couldn't let go of a spontaneous laugh (on the other hand, when it came to letting go of perlouzes, it wasn't the last). After a while, the only solution was to tickle the arch of his foot.

Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès played an extra in the film

I hope there is a parallel world where this info is true.

And if you like cult romantic comedies we also have the hidden details in Dirty Dancing. That’s really good, isn’t it?

By Vanniyar Adrian

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