Top 10 healthiest cheeses, those that are good for us

All good things come to an end. No wait, that’s not the expression I’m looking for, it’s: you have to appreciate the good things in moderation until they… No but seriously, is there an expression like that? Does that remind you of something ? Well, if you have it, pass it in the comments friends, it will get me a thorn out of my foot. Anyway today we are going to talk about this little guilty pleasure that cheese represents, but in no way to point the finger at it because on the contrary we are going to list those which are the healthiest for us and that is very cool.

1. Mozzarella

This small pleasure which comes to us from Italy arrives in the first. So healthy you can stop eating apples and binge on mozzarella for snack time. No it’s wrong, the world is beautiful but not to this extent. With fewer calories and sodium than many other cheeses and thanks to the bacteria found in it that are probiotics and can promote immunity and benefit your gut health, mozzarella is the cheese to go. have as a friend.

2. Blue cheeses

Blue and Roquefort in the front line, but also gorgonzola (although much more fatty) contain heaps of downright cool stuff. What makes them strong is the high level of calcium, which is good for the bones, but also the fact that they are very nutritious. From there to say that if you only eat Bleu d’Auvergne you will have all the necessary contributions there is only one step. A step that should not be taken, because it is false, but it is still a good source of calcium. So do not take the good reasons for eating exclusively cheese at face value, cheese is a lie.

3. Ricotta

Another cheese that comes to us from the other country of cheese (Italy, because it’s still mainly France that smashes game cheese). It is thanks to the presence of good whey that ricotta becomes so healthy, since this protein is composed of many amino acids that make your body healthy and not turn blue for example. It also lowers blood pressure, so why deprive yourself? Finally, you still have to eat it in moderation, don’t mess around, it’s still cheese. You can also admire this painting from 1580 called “The ricotta eaters” which represents very beautiful and reassuring people that you want to meet and who seem to be in very good health. A kind of pub for dairy products of the time.

4. Feta

In 1770, Edward Naime wanted to erase an ink stain with bread crumbs as he usually did, but without looking too much he got the wrong object and took rubber tree resin instead: he came to invent gum. Incredible isn’t it? Well, nothing to do with feta, which is a very salty cheese that comes to us from Greece. If its high sodium content is not always good for everyone, the presence of linoleic acid does help reduce body fat and prevent gaining weight. So it doesn’t mean that you have to send 10 kilos a week, but cheeses made from sheep’s milk contain more conjugated linoleic acid than the others, and that’s fine.

5. Cottage cheese

In real life, did you know this cheese? Because personally I had never heard of it, and yet I lived in a cheese factory for nearly 12 years. At the same time this cheese comes from the United States, it is not necessarily the most famous country in the exercise, it is like the English and gastronomy. What makes this cheese special is that it is extremely low in calories, so it could find its place among the least caloric cheeses, but no, because no one knows it. In addition to that it is full of protein, which has a small appetite suppressant effect, so it is a double plus point if you want to follow a diet.

6. Parmesan cheese

Boring to cut, very salty and super dry, parmesan is a bit like the dry ham of cheeses. As well known among cheese makers as it is among podiatrists (sorry), parmesan cheese is mainly famous around the world for its high concentration of calcium, phosphorus and nutrients, stuff that is good for our bodies and makes us grow tall, strong and kind. In addition, if you are lactose intolerant you can try the one that is matured for more than 48 months, because lactose is much less present.

7. Cheddar cheese

If you sometimes find cheddar without too much taste, the old cheddar made by English monks who jealously guard their recipe can make you change your mind about this cheese unfairly judged by the lobby of the county manufacturers. Anyway, in addition to the calcium and protein found in many cheeses, it’s vitamin K that makes all the difference in cheddar. Vitamin K what is it? Well it’s a good vitamin for the heart and blood circulation because it takes care of clearing the calcium out of your veins and arteries, which is better than whatever stuff your friends do for you, yet you prefer them to cheddar, naïve that you are.

8. Emmental, Gruyere and other Swiss cheeses

Switzerland is often underestimated for its ability to produce cheese, yet the country does not have to be ashamed of its diversity of products on offer. Regarding Swiss cheeses, it is the low sodium and fat content that can make them your ally in the long fight against fat and salt, which can cause blood pressure and weight. As a result, these cheeses are generally prescribed to people who must monitor these intakes in their diet. When I say “prescribed” that doesn’t mean that these people have to stock up on Swiss cheese from the pharmacy and that it’s reimbursed by social security. Once again the world is beautiful, but not to this extent.

9. Panela

Another little-known cheese, panela comes to us from Mexico where it is considered a god. No it’s wrong, but it makes me think that we don’t necessarily have a cheese god and that we miss it so much. This cheese is low in sodium and some forms are quite low in fat, so it can be a new ally against weight gain and blood pressure. And that’s class. By the way, did you do our big test to find out which cheese you are?

10. Goat cheese

We come to one of the most divisive cheeses: goat cheese. So we are talking about fresh goat cheese, much less fat than log goat cheese for example. Goat’s milk being less rich in fat than cow’s milk and also less concentrated in lactose, it is more digestible and less likely to cause weight gain: the fat present is less likely to be stored in the body . It is therefore your duty to get some as soon as possible and proudly display your goat’s cheese dung by sticking it on your windshield, for example, like your car insurance sticker.

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