Top 10 Halloween costumes we’re bound to see in 2022

There are Halloween costumes that we see every year. Strangely (no), people all have the same idea because they are inspired by series or films that have just been released. We were treated to the special Joker and Harley Quinn Halloween, the one dedicated to the costumes of Money Heist and another with only people dressed as characters from Squid Game. What do you think it will be this year?

1. Jeffrey Dahmer

It’s a disguise in very bad taste, we would very much like no one to dress up as a cannibal killer but unfortunately, we are sure and certain that it will happen. Not at all looking forward to seeing an army of blondes with aviator glasses in the streets on the evening of October 31.

Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix series of the same name

2. Vecna ​​from Stranger Things

This is a very difficult costume to make and certainly very expensive to buy, but it is obvious that Americans will warm up to dress up as Vecna. We just hope it won’t be super cheap.

Vecna ​​clinging to his disgusting guts in Stranger Things

3. The Riddler from The Batman

Paul Dano often plays somewhat awkward character roles but he outdid himself in the role of the Riddler to The Batman. For a simple and effective Halloween costume, the Riddler is a good choice. All you need are plastic goggles, a balaclava and a long coat with a question mark added to the marker and that’s it.

The Riddler in The Batman

4. Eddie and Max in Stranger Things

If you don’t necessarily want to dress up as a villain for Halloween, you can choose from the cult characters of Stranger Things. We’ve seen enough of Eleven in the past six years, so we’re going for Max’s costumes instead (all you need are jeans, a blue fleece and why not white contact lenses; it’s even better if you’re redheaded of course) and Eddie. With a mule, a Hellfire Club t-shirt and a denim jacket, you would make a very convincing Eddie.

Max and Eddie from Stranger Things

5. Three friends dressed as Spider-Man

The output of Spider-Man: No Way Home last December unleashed the crowds: everyone was delighted to find Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield alongside Tom Holland. This year, for sure, there will be groups of three friends who will dress up as three different Spider-Mans and recreate the famous meme where they point fingers at each other.

Three Spiderman in No Way Home
even with the three Spiderman pointing fingers at each other


The release of a biopic on Elvis Presley will surely give some ideas for their Halloween costume. At the same time, an adult going out with a 14-year-old child is freaking good; we are therefore in the theme.

1666213648 808 Top 10 Halloween costumes were bound to see in 2022

7. Maverick from Top Gun

Given the success of the sequel to Top Gun at the movies, we’re willing to bet that we’ll see guys in pilot uniforms and aviator glasses at the 31st parties. There may even be duo costumes with Maverick on one side and Rooster on the other.

Maverick and Rosster the handsome guys in Top Gun

8. Cassie in her Oklahoma dress in Euphoria

Before being dethroned by Stranger Things, Euphoria was the most popular series of the year; a wonderful appointment every Monday to watch the new episode. The most cult outfit of this second season is surely Cassie’s blue dress which made her look like she had just come out of The Little House On The Prairie. Everyone thought she was going to audition for the school play, Oklahoma!and it resulted in the funniest scene of the season.

Beautiful Cassie in her ugly dress

9. Catwoman in The Batman

Robert Pattinson was very convincing in Batman but he was still upstaged by Zoë Kravitz in Catwoman. The costume does not require a lot of effort but you have to dare the tight-fitting outfit and invest in a costume.

Catwoman the beautiful kid in The Batman

10. A gas pump

We are right in the Halloween theme: it’s scary because we don’t know if there will be SP95 left and if so, at what price we will pay per litre. Please, no more than 2 bullets.

If you like this wonderful holiday, don’t hesitate to put Halloween decorations all over your house to scare your family and the brats asking for candies.

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