Top 10 Hairdryer Mistakes Everyone Makes

We make lots of mistakes in life. Errors with our fridge (even errors with our freezer), errors with our washing machine, errors with our dishwasher, errors with our vacuum cleaner, errors with our toothbrush… To wonder if we are not a little stubby on the edges. Today we are looking at hair dryers which are sometimes also used to speed up the cooking of the bidoche on the barbeuk in addition to their primary activity.

1. Dry your hair when it’s still very wet

It’s quite logical actually because wet hair takes longer to dry (no joke) and therefore compulsive drying will damage the hair more. YOU ARE HAPPY NOW YOUR VEUCHS LOOK LIKE STRAW WOW.

Top 10 hairdryer mistakes everyone makes
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2. Stick your hair dryer on your hair

First of all, because it’s useless, your hair won’t dry faster. The best thing is to keep 20 cm away (not 2 meters either, already because your arm is not long enough but also because in this case it will no longer be useless) and if you use a brush , at 5 cm.

3. Dry your hair haphazardly

Like many people in the world, we are under the influence of this inescapable murderous pressure of passing time. In short, we are in a hurry. And so, we dry our hair in all directions to go as quickly as possible. Error ! You’ll just get in knots. The best is to go from the root to the tips.

Moreover, needless to say that you should not dry yourself with a towel that will damage your hair, fuck your curls if you have any. The best is an old cotton t-shirt. And if you really want to do it right: satin pillowcases. Well yes, but that’s how it is.

4. Towel dry on tangled hair

It makes sense but a combing before drying is highly recommended. That said, we even recommend combing your hair before washing your hair because brushing on dry hair is less aggressive than on wet hair.

Top 10 hairdryer mistakes everyone makes

5. Leave the hair dryer on maximum power during the entire drying process.

The drier your hair becomes, the more it is advisable to lower the power of the gear to finish with a little cold drying. Even if it throws a chill in the bathroom.

6. Using the wrong bit

Hair dryers come with nozzles and nozzles are not for dogs (unless you have more toys and you give your dog your nozzle). Take the diffuser for curly hair, the concentrator for long, bouncy hair.

7. Do not use a round brush

Well in real life it is especially recommended when you have curly hair, otherwise not the end of the world. The round brush will have the good taste to help you form pretty natural curls. Isn’t that beautiful?

8. Dry yourself upside down

Generally we do it to have volume, the stupid thing is that with the head down you will stick a maximum of volume on all the hair: that’s a lot. The best is to dry your hair by reversing its natural line.

The parting of the hair. Not the skate, the flatfish.

9. Not putting care before

So. I don’t want to encourage you unnecessarily to buy products that are useless. Yes, we can survive without thermo-protective care (some would say we can even lead a fulfilling, if not… happy life) but it’s just a way to protect your little hair in the long term.

10. Use it to make a phone call

This practice, although widespread, is a big mistake. In fact, hair dryers do not allow you to make calls, so you will not be able to receive or make calls. Be careful of fraudulent sellers who would try to sell you a hair dryer like a cell phone: guaranteed scam.

Do you also happen to collect hair of your own in your hand and rub it in such a way as to form a micro rasta and put it in your pocket and forget about it and when you find it 2 weeks later you think you have a crushed spider in the pocket?

Sources: Jean Louis David, Cosmopolitan, Beauty test

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