Top 10 good jokes of famous actors, are these people funny

If being an actor can be boring at times, like for those actors who have a big weak point at play or actors who have been seriously injured during filming, sometimes it’s cooler, we make big kid jokes and we laugh good. So we decided to show you some of the good jokes that these beautiful, rich and too funny people make.

1. Tom Cruise making Simon Pegg die of heat

Shooting for five days in a car is boring, but in the middle of Morocco in the oppressive heat, it’s even more so. In order to have a good laugh on the set of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Tom Cruise has decided to play the good joke to his colleague Simon Pegg to activate the heating of his seat. The thing is, the other actor realized it after three days of burning out.

2. The ‘Back to the Future’ team trapping Michael J Fox

In the first Back to the future the character of Marty is supposed to drink from a flask of alcohol and almost immediately spit the alcohol out. The reaction that we see on screen is quite authentic since the team put real alcohol in the bottle before doing the scene, which Michael J. Fox did not expect at all.

3. Quentin Tarantino and the giant dildo

It’s Tarantino’s little joke on all his shoots: people who fall asleep on his set find themselves having their picture taken with a giant purple dildo next to their face (which bears the name Big Jerry) and then the picture is hung on a kind of picture of shame so that everyone does not care about them (nicely huh).

4. Johnny Depp wearing a Mr Hankey costume to Penelope Cruz

On the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: Fountain of Youth Depp and Cruz had made a stupid little bet (the nature of which we don’t know) and if Cruz lost she had to wear a costume of Mr Hankey, the giant poop of South Park. And of course she lost and was forced to walk around the set with the thing. We laugh a lot.

5. Simon Pegg had the entire cast of “Star Trek: Into Darkness” creamed for some stupid reason.

The actor managed to trap most of his colleagues from the team of star trek by making them believe that they had to put “anti-laser” cream on their faces to protect themselves during certain scenes. It was obviously a big bullshit but most of the actors in the cast fell into the trap.

6. Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper freaked out Jennifer Lawrence on the set of “American Hustle”

Don’t tell people what freaks us out, because usually it backfires. Jennifer Lawrence had confided to her two colleagues that she was a little freaked out about shooting a scene in a cemetery and these two idiots there found nothing better to do than to ask the team of props to make a fake tombstone with the actress’s name and date of birth, which really freaked her out when she came across the trick. It’s nice.

7. George Clooney making Matt Damon think he’s gaining weight on the set of “Monuments Men”

George Clooney is really funny, because it’s probably the best valve he could find to piss off his mate. Since he knew Matt Damon was trying to lose weight, he asked the costume team to alter the actor’s costumes to make them a little tighter each day. Damon probably freaked out when he realized that good fuckin’ joke.

8. Bryan Cranston who made Aaron Paul believe that his character was going to die in “Breaking Bad”

Aaron Paul Did The Bullshit To Tell Cranston He Was Really Freaked Out That His Character On The Show breaking Bad die, and of course Cranston used that to piss him off. Once he told him that he had to go and take his measurements to make his coffin for the scene of his funeral and another time he simply came up to him to hug him and say “there you go… was a great adventure all the same… You read the script didn’t you? “. This jerk is funny.

9. Alan Rickman making everyone think Daniel Radcliffe farted on the Harry Potter set

If he was severe in the role of Severus Snape, the real Alan Rickman was a big joker on the set of Harry Potter. While they were filming the third installment of the film he planted a fake fart machine in Radcliffe’s sleeping bag during a scene in the school dorms and activated it during one take which was quite dramatic . Big shame for Daniel but everyone laughed.

10. Ben Affleck decorating Henry Cavill’s dressing room with Batman merchandise on “Justice League”

How to give a fuck about his friend who plays Superman? By decorating his dressing room with lots of Batman products, of course. Affleck had fun freaking out his colleague by proving to him that his character was clearly the best and that may be the only good thing that happened with this film.

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