Top 10 good actors who have a big weak point

Get it into your head that no one is perfect, not even Timothée Chalamet, so stop with him for a bit. And since we’re here talking about actors and the fact that no one is perfect, that’s good, since that’s precisely the topic of the day: actors who are good but who clearly have a weakness in acting. little thing that when we saw it no longer comes out of our heads. We have therefore decided to list them for you, so that you no longer see them in the same way.

1. Jim Carrey is not good at crying

The guy is absolutely incredible both in comic registers (where he excels) and in more dramatic films like Man on the Moon, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind Where The Truman Show. The problem is that when asked to cry on screen it’s really, really unconvincing, my five year old nephew does it much better when he pretends to cry for a cake.

Top 10 good actors who have a big weak point

2. Keanu Reeves hurts accents

We told you about it in the most messed up accents in the history of cinema: Keanu Reeves is so bad in the exercise on most films where he is asked to make an accent that in real life we ​​no longer ask him. You just have to see the Dracula of Coppola to realize for yourself that it is serious. It is very very serious.

3. Edward Norton is a control freak

It does not necessarily feel in the game once in the image, but the actor, as talented as he is, has already exasperated a bunch of directors. It is even partly because of his desire to want to direct the film in place of the person who was asked to do it that Marvel simply decided to replace him to play Hulk. MUST LEARN TO LET YOURSELF LEAD EDDY.

4. Christian Clavier can’t play without getting angry

So let’s get along well, already yes he’s a good actor, then he does it wonderfully the guy who gets angry, it’s also the actor who does the best Christian Clavier who gets angry, but frankly he does it all the time. Comedy, drama, there’s always a moment when he freaks out and you can’t help but hear “but eat your pig, eat it!! »

5. Marion Cotillard does not know how to die

Yeah, you’re going to tell me we’re still talking about this thing years later, but that’s the point of the top, to point our big, disgusting finger at things that people who have done better than us can’t do. when we clearly couldn’t do better. So, in this idea, do not lie to yourself, she does not know how to play death well, Marion, proof in image.

6. Alexandre Astier is very bad at playing the drunk guy

I know, I touch the great, the lord. I love him, don’t make me say things I didn’t say, but even in his love affairs you have to remain critical and frankly, if you watch the episode of Kaamelott entitled “drunkenness”, you will see that it’s really not crazy. Like really not. But as it remains super good in everything else it’s fine.

7. Vincent Lacoste conveys no emotion

He plays the jaded youth really well like in the beautiful kids, the problem is that this type of role follows him a little since this film. So apart from making the guy a bit lost, a bit silly, there aren’t so many emotions that emerge from his acting. After all, he’s still young, the little one, you have to give him time to have thicker roles . Yeah I sound like a boomer so what?

8. Matthew McConaughey can’t shake his accent

It’s a bit boring when he has to do a character who comes from somewhere other than Texas since that strong southern accent never really fades. Afterwards he may just have nothing to do with it and only accepts roles from people who come from Texas, otherwise it’s not very credible. It’s as if Patrick Bosso had to play a Breton while keeping his accent, that wouldn’t do too much, you see?

9. Christophe Lambert can’t laugh

Ok, so maybe he’s not really acting and that’s his real laugh, in which case it’s downright creepy. Because just in this video which compiles several laughs of the actor there are enough images to freeze your blood for a good while. And I say that despite all the love I have for this actor who remains a symbol of my childhood.

10. Taylor Lautner plays very poorly in general

Not necessarily the pissed off guy, the attentive guy, the nice guy, the funny guy, the Belgian accent or the smart guy… Nah, he just plays badly. Whatever the trick. So it’s a bit of an exception in this top since normally we had to put “good actors”. If you have any doubts I advise you to look Without identity or any of the parts of the saga Twilight in which even Kristen Stewart plays better than him, and we’re talking about someone who seems to be spending her time deciding whether to keep her mouth open or shut.

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