Top 10 games whose goal is to discover the rule (it touches, it does not touch)

1. It hits or it doesn’t

Classic of classics. It’s a good game to play when you’re bored. He hurt many desperate people never to understand why it hit and why it didn’t. For example, if I tell you “chocolatine”, well it doesn’t affect, but if I say “pain au chocolat”, it affects. On the other hand, “it touches”, it does not touch, but “it does not touch”, it does touch. Here I leave you with that. Either find out for yourself, or read on to discover the rule below.

The rule you had to find: a, it doesn’t, b, it doesn’t, c, it doesn’t, d, it doesn’t… No, you still don’t have it? In fact it touches when they are labials, that is to say that the lips touch each other when you pronounce the sounds: b, m and p.

2. The medium

Ideal to completely hallucinate your friends in the evening, this game is played in duo: the medium and his accomplice. The troupe gives a word to the accomplice (the medium must not hear the word). The accomplice enumerates to the medium a list of words freely chosen by himself and among which the word to be guessed is hidden. The medium will say when he thinks he has discovered the word chosen by the troupe under his amazed eyes.

The rule you had to find: in fact, the medium’s accomplice must at some point give him a word referring to a thing that has four legs (for example table, chair, dog, etc.), when this word has been given, the medium knows that the word next will be the one to guess.

3. Draw the Moon

In this game you have to ask a person to draw the moon and for that give him an imaginary pen. Then we tell him whether or not the moon is well drawn. The person gives the pen to another person and so on. And the goal is therefore to understand why the moon is well or badly drawn.

The rule you had to find: the only ones who know how to draw the moon well are those who said “thank you” when they received the imaginary pen. A beautiful lesson in morals and philosophy and humanism.

4. Guess My Dream

Personally, I discovered this game in a very weird movie Who killed Bambi? with Sophie Quinton and Laurent Lucas. Doctor Philipp talks about a dream he had. Isabelle must discover her dream, for that she only asks questions to which he will answer “yes” or “no”. And little by little the story of the dream will take an increasingly disturbing turn.

The rule you had to find: answer yes to all questions ending in “e” and no to all others. In fact, the false dream you are recounting is the simple projection of the person who is asking you questions. Fascinating isn’t it.

5. What to put in a suitcase?

Well the best way to play this is to be at least 4 or 5 otherwise it will quickly go around in circles. And then it’s better to also play with children because when it comes to fun, we’re not on the lolerie highway. In short, you announce to the children that tomorrow they are going on vacation, YOUHOU (even if in fact they will not go on vacation because they are poor big boloss). For this, they must choose what to bring as clothes in their suitcase (one suitcase per child). So they list the clothes they want and the game master answers yes or no until we discover the rule.

The rule you had to find: the game master accepts the garment if the neighbor to the left of the speaker is wearing that garment. So you have to be careful what the children wear, otherwise the game doesn’t work on the one hand, and you can end up in prison on the other.

6. “Smell those flowers”

This is a game that will fascinate botanical dingos (your mother). Basically, the game master goes to each person in the group and shows imaginary flowers asking “Smell those flowers…what are they?” “. Players must give names of flowers (and therefore work a little on their floral knowledge) and the game master validates or not the answer.

The rule you had to find: well in fact you just have to listen to the instructions guys. “Smell those flowers”. Come on, I’ll let you think… Without T these flowers. You have it, is it good? On the other hand, nothing forces you to fart to spice up the rules of the game and disturb the speakers.

7. Birthday

Kikoo it’s my birthday, so do me a favor, give me gifts and since I’m a bit spoiled, I give myself the right to accept or refuse your shitty gifts. The question is to know why I accept and why I refuse.

The rule you had to find: nothing crazy I promise you. In fact, you accept a gift whose first letter is the same as that of the first name of the person giving you the gift. For example, if Louise offers you a lamppost, you accept. But if Zulmee offers you a toaster, you can tell him to eat his dead well.

8. The Psychologist

Be careful, this game can cause a lot of trouble especially for the one who has to find the rules of the game. Because generally, he is alone against the group and it can last a very very very long time. Basically, everyone goes in a circle. The psychologist must ask each person questions which can only be answered by yes or no. Except that we quickly understand that the answers do not correspond to the people who give them. It is therefore necessary to understand who answers what and why. See you in solutions.

The rule you had to find: the player responds for his right neighbour. If the neighbor on the right agrees with the answer given for him, he does nothing. If he doesn’t agree, he gets up and everyone changes places. This confuses the issue and contributes to the psychologist’s nightmare.

9. The Psychopath

It’s the same as the psychologist except that instead of answering yes or no you plant a machete in the head of the person asking the questions.

The rule you had to find: when you ask a question, you die.

10. The ventilated wheelbarrow

With this funny game, you ensure a pure evening of madness. The principle is simple. To play it you have to be the exact number of 19 minus 2 people. The players whose astrological ascendant is a multiple of 3 must form an arc of a circle, the others build a house of cards and finally the player whose date of birth is between November and October must count in binary digits until reaching the number of fingers that the master of the game power 2 has.

The rule you had to find: eat a stool.

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