Top 10 funniest responses to dick pics, consent matters

While you are wandering around on social media, you get an unexpected notification. Is this a message from your drunk ex? Or a sexist comment from an aggressive guy? Hey no, it’s a dick pic (a photo of a penis, for non-bilinguals)! Obviously, some people with a penis seem to find it normal, even flattering, to send photos of their gender to people who haven’t asked for anything. Here you are very bereft in front of this repulsive image and you would like to answer a very scathing missive. We have gathered in this top punchline ideas to answer the sexism of unsolicited dick pics without wasting your time. Always remember that respect for consent is mandatory and sending such images can lead to prosecution for sexual harassment.

1. The porn blocker trick

A young American woman has a very practical method of warding off sexual predators on social media. As she received an unsolicited pic dick from a stranger, she replies that she cannot see the image because she has a porn blocker on her phone that sends the information directly to the local police. She also clarifies that all of her friends also use this porn blocker to protect themselves from weird guys. The man panics then, pretext that he has drunk too much and blocks the girl on Messenger.

2. Write a rejection letter

In England, Sarah-Louise Jordan has another solution to get rid of people who send her dick pics: she sends a rejection letter. The parchment-shaped image begins with “Thank you for submitting – unexpectedly and without any solicitation – the portrait of your penis for our review.” We regret to inform you that it failed to meet the basic criteria of our quality control ”. The letter also clarifies that sending her genitals is not a suitable start to conversion and proposes, as proof of goodwill, an inventive review of the genital organ and sending the image to the owner’s family.

3. Make fun of the size, because it always works

When a person sends their penis unsolicited, it is usually out of a lack of self-confidence. She wants to prove her “virility”, to show that she can please. The most effective way to suppress this urge is to make fun of the size of his sexual attributes in order to make him understand that you are not interested.

4. Make fun of size and make it a criminal offense

Machiavellian technique but devilishly effective: ask your interlocutor why he sent a photo of a child’s penis and say that you report the image as being child pornography.

5. Suggest a cooking recipe

On Twitter, a user shared a nice recipe made from penis, garlic and onion. This is a perspective that should reject all advances. Bon appétit obviously.

6. Send a nice gif …

7. … or a photo of kitchen accessories

8. Send a Doctissimo link because you notice something not clear

Upon receipt of a dick pic, you can respond with a Doctissimo article on genital yeast infection, inflammation or even penile malformations. There is a good chance that you will be left alone afterwards.

9. Answer that yours is bigger

Only works if the interlocutor thought to send his photo to an individual without a penis.

10. Make a Top 10 Reasons Why His Penis Is The Ugliest In The World

But that would take too much effort.

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