Top 10 French words with the most synonyms

The French language is a real gold mine for lovers of words, letters and prose. It is one of the languages ​​with the most words in the world, it is to tell you how rich it is (and difficult to learn)! There are many words, but there are also many words to define the same word (and many times the words “word” and “many” in the same sentence, right?). These are called synonyms, and some have quite an impressive number! The proof. Or the demonstration. The illustration. The testimony. You understood.


Number of existing synonyms: 216. WHAT? 216 ?? Ah well when it talks about dick, we are inspired, huh! Come tell us that we are not big rednecks after that.

Our favorite synonyms: the “big bald”, the “teub”, the “zgeg”, the “brush”, the “third leg”.

Synonyms to ban forever: the “rod”, the “colossus”, the “kiki”, the “pipou”.


Number of existing synonyms: 105. Ah well yes, of course, when it’s for women, we divide by two, huh! Come tell us that we are the country of equality, after that.

Our favorite synonyms: the “teuch”, the “cramouille” (who says that?), the “chnèque”, the “plotte”.

Synonyms to ban forever: the “rosebud”, the “daisy”, the “fou(fou)ne”, the “zézette”.


Number of existing synonyms: 77. Respect these people, and this profession. When your profession is hyped enough to inspire French feathers, you will come to brag. In the meantime, you don’t come close to them. And Bam !

Our favorite synonyms: “macadamia flower”, “girl of joy”.

Synonyms to ban forever: “prostiput”, “whore”, “bitch” and all the offensive synonyms, in fact.

“To lie down” (in the sexual sense, obviously)

Number of existing synonyms: 65. Except for four synonyms, we had everything we needed for yet another redneck joke, too bad.

Our favorite synonyms: “make the one-legged sprint”, “open up the peninsula”.

Synonyms to ban forever: “do goulou goulou”, “do zizi-panpan”.

Top 10 French words with the most synonyms


Number of existing synonyms: 49. However, it was not the word we expected to find in this top, and even less in fifth place. The French language is fascinating, don’t you think?

Our favorite synonyms: “Perpette-les-Oies”, “Perpette-la-Galette”, “Trou-la-Ville”, “Asshole of the world”. Our favorite favorite still comes from Quebec with… “Saint-Pisse-qu’en-Coin”! Tabarnak who are funny!

Synonyms to ban forever: none. All synonyms are exceptional. For the trouble, we give you some pearls of Quebec expressions: “Saint-Meumeu-des-Creux”, “Saint-Loinloin de Pas-Proche” or “Si-Profond-du-Lointain”. Great art!


Number of existing synonyms: 42. Of course! We are French ! It therefore seems obvious to me that we are quite efficient and innovative in the art of insulting people. Is not it ?

Our favorite synonyms: “con”, and all its derivatives (con like the moon, con like its feet, con like a handle, con like a broom without handles,…)

Synonyms to ban forever: “simple”, “dumb”, “stupid”. These are not-so-nice ways of using an already not-so-nice word.


Number of existing synonyms: 40. Ahhhh bah it’s been a while since we last talked pee-poo-cucul, right?

Our favorite synonyms: the “roubignoles”, the “balls”, the “burnes”, the “valseuses”.

Synonyms to ban forever: the “purses”, the “balloches”, the “coucougnettes”.

Top 10 French words with the most synonyms


Number of existing synonyms: 39. Yes, the theme is still relatively the same. I’m sorry, but I have nothing to do with the French being particularly interested in anatomy and what we can do with it.

Our favorite synonyms: “strangle the one-eyed man” (man), “turn the salad” (woman).

Synonyms to ban forever: “pleasing Popol” (male)(Really stop nicknaming your dicks, guys. It’s weird.), “tampering with the bacon” (female) (calm down on the weird metaphors, there) .


Number of existing synonyms: 38. I don’t have a joke, sorry. 37 is a very nice number. I have no complaints.

Our favorite synonyms: “barge”, “pimp’s” (which comes from “pimpon”), “maboul”, “toc-toc” (just because that’s what my father calls “Tik-tok”).

Synonyms to ban forever: “chtarbé”, “gogol”, “taré”. We have about thirty words that are really less aggressive, let’s take advantage of them!


Number of existing synonyms: 37. There you go, again and again insulting words! Quite representative of French clichés, this top, isn’t it?

Our favorite synonyms: “canaille”, “carrion”, “scraping”, “bastard”.

Synonyms to ban forever: “asshole” (because it’s terribly homophobic and offensive), “rogue”, “rascal”.

Moral: we really have to stop being offended each time foreigners label us as complainers, or reduce us to sentences ” do you want to sleep with me tonight ? » ! This top is proof that we spend most of our energy moaning OR talking about uc! She is beautiful, France! HOW IS IT, I GREATER ????

Source: Wiktionary

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