Top 10 French things that surprise foreigners the most, and yeah guys, we tell you…

Baguette, Eiffel Tower, politics, politics, red wine, ass, ass, red wine, politics, auteur cinema, baguette, red wine, hatred of work, politics, politics, coffee, red wine, red wine, white wine, baked, political, croissant, baguette: yes, these are clichés.

Not that much.

1. Having a word for hitting someone with your dick

We are talking about a crosses. On the other hand, we have no words to say successful. No there is not.

2. The constant references to ass and politics while drinking wine

Saying sexual things while criticizing politics and drinking wine all the time is a bit of a cliché. But, if I reflect on my evening yesterday, I realize that I talked about ass and politics while drinking wine, so not sure if it’s that much of a cliché. Where in most cultures the goal is rather intellectual compromise, the French tend to like debate and confrontation, which makes everyone uncomfortable.

3. Kisses

We kiss each other, between guys or between girls, and more, as soon as we know each other a little. For the Anglo-Saxons, it’s super weird, because it looks like harassment. For Asians too. For South Americans, it’s all the weirder because they only kiss girls and hug friends, which is super weird for us.

Top 10 French things that surprise foreigners the most and
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4. General Negativity

Before saying that anything is good, you have to find its flaws and exploit them in a concert of cynical criticism: it’s not negativity, it’s critical thinking, proof of great intelligence , proof that we are smarter than everyone else (in any case, I really think so).

5. Administration

And that to have an apartment you have to open a bank account; and that to have a bank account you must have an address. And that the papers sent are lost. And that… Everything is complicated, nobody follows the files individually, everything is complicated.

6. There’s beer at McDonald’s

In most countries this is not the case. But, in most countries the laws on the sale of alcohol are a bit drastic and in most countries people don’t drink alcohol ALL THE TIME.

7. Passive aggressive courtesy

Seated at a table in a bar, the waiter arrives: “Madam? “Not hello. Not okay. ” Mrs ? It’s courteous. It’s aggressive. It’s a way of remembering that you’re pissing off, wanting something.

1654603341 470 Top 10 French things that surprise foreigners the most and
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8. Complaints against globalization even though France participates in it to such an extent

Half of the public debate is made up of this: globalization is a risk for our way of life, our values, our work and our women, or on the contrary an opportunity, nianianianiania. On the left as on the right, globalization is seen with a suspicious eye, a way of saying “if you think we didn’t see you coming, with your deregulation and your disgusting food, ready to invade us, you’re sticking your finger in the anu, yes, we say anu, without s, if you want, it’s French to do what you want”.

But, in reality, French products are invading the world. Beyond wine and luxury, we talk about energy, Total, EDF, etc. ?

9. At parties, we bring something and we drink everything

In most countries of the world, when you are invited to a party, you bring a bottle and then you drink it. In France, even the guy who brings an 8-6 has the right to taste champagne.

1654603342 988 Top 10 French things that surprise foreigners the most and
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10. We talk about food at the table

It’s meta. We talk about the food we eat. Yes, I promise you. Half the meal is devoted to critiquing the food we are eating, distributing compliments and regrets. It’s meta, I tell you.

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