Top 10 French Stuff Replicas in the World

Often imitated, never equaled. In addition to the baguette, the bottle of red wine and the beret that we now find in the four corners of the globe (especially the beret. For the rest, I prefer to speak of grape juice. Or socks. Then water mixture , flour, and sugar, for the “bread”), France has never ceased to fascinate. So that everywhere in the world (in China, especially), we find a little of our dear country. We understand them. But sometimes it would almost freak you out.

1. Colmar in Malaysia

Ahhhh Alsace… This region that makes you dream for its cold. His pretzels. And its cold. No, I’m kidding, it doesn’t make anyone dream. Ah… Yes… Sorry. I am told in the headset that it makes Malaysia kiffer. The Prime Minister even decided, in 2000, to build a replica of the city of Colmar and the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle (don’t ask me how it’s pronounced. All Alsatian names are unpronounceable. elsewhere in this super top on jaw-dropping Alsatian names.) BREF. If you, a little Alsatian traveling in Malaysia, suffer from a terrible lack of half-timbering, beer or flamekueches: Colmar Tropicale is there for you. On the other hand, if you miss the gray sky and the rain (hello Angèle), we can’t do anything for you.

2. The Eiffel Tower

Aka THE symbol of Paris. And from France. In general, when you say come to France abroad, the guy in front of you answers something like “Yes yes, do you want to sleep with me, the baguette, the Eiffel Tower”. You do not believe me ? Take the test.

The Eiffel Tower is made in France. But that was before. Now you can find replicas of them everywhere. To take a little romantic photo, very kitsch, you no longer need to hit the Paris metro. You can go see the Iron Lady in Las Vegas, Texas, Prague, Romania, Russia, many replicas in Asia, including the best known in Tokyo, Canada, Pakistan… I’ll stop there, but the list is still sooo long. So much so that the Iron Lady is simply one of the most imitated monuments in the world.

If you feel like it, you can even take a short world tour of the Eiffel Towers and visit more than 45 countries.

But hey, as with any counterfeit, the original is much more stylish. I’ll let you think about this Bolivian “replica”. It’s only me who’s redneck, where it really looks like… well… a… well a dick what, doesn’t it?

Top 10 french stuff replicas in the world

Replica of the Eiffel Tower in Sucre, Bolivia

3. Paris

Because imitating the Eiffel Tower wasn’t enough? No. Obviously, foreigners love our capital so much that they decided to bring it home. We don’t talk to you about the thirty cities with the same name, that’s normal. No, we’re talking about people who have totally recreated Paris. Colmar, it’s ok. Without offending Alsace, it’s not a huge city either. BUT PARIS, BORDEL. You have to be motivated.

It is therefore more than 9,600 km from our dear capital, in China, in the easily pronounceable city of Tianducheng, that a replica of the city stands. Eiffel Tower (pocket format), of course, but also Haussmann buildings, Arc de Triomphe, Luxembourg Gardens… Yes, yes. Everything is there. Convenient if you want to discover the Great Wall of China, the Qin Emperor’s Mausoleum and Paris in the same weekend, right?

Only big diff’: the search for an apartment and the people in the metro. 2000 inhabitants for 700 buildings and few tourists, unlike Paris, you may not have to fight with 150 other students to get your 10 square meters. On the other hand, your studio will also cost you an arm and a leg. Two arms, even. And a kidney. Like in Paris.

According to you, the real Paris: right or left photo?


Definitely, the delusions of grandeur, it affects everyone. There are more than a dozen replicas of the Sun King’s residence around the world. More or less successful, I grant you. But still. It’s crazy.

Among the craziest: the Palace of Caserta, in Italy.

The hottest: the Versailles house, a private property in Orlando, built in 2010. Styled like a Kardashian vacation shack, but damn it, don’t call it Versailles!

5. Untouchables

OK, we’re not talking about a monument, this French film smashed everything. It is THE film that has remained the longest number 1 at the box office. At the same time, it brings together everything you need to sell and make people cry in the cottages: a black man, poor, who takes advantage of the system (not at all cliché and racist the thing); a handicapped man, white and rich (the remark is reiterated); a very touching story of friendship, and music that could make you cry over a plate of pasta. THAT IS. I watched it, you watched it, the Americans imitated it.

“The Upside”, or “Under another day” is therefore a remake of the French film, itself an adaptation of the book “Le Second Souffle”, which was already a romanticized version of the life of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo. WOW. It’s starting to do a lot there, right?

According to the critics, the Frenchy version was still much better. It is not Omar Sy who wants!

6. The Louvre

We’ve already had the Eiffel Tower, Paris and Versailles, so hey, the Louvre was to be expected. And once again, we find this line… In China. In Shenzhen exactly. And guess what’s hidden underneath? A huge museum? Thousands of works? Ah. No. A metro entrance. Chuang station. Much less glam’, but still very Parisian.

7. Mont Saint-Michel

More than an imitation, this is a cousin. From a twin. From a brother from another sea (sorry.) And you don’t have to go far to find this island, resembling like two drops of water to this Breton marvel. Or Norman?? (Fight!) The St Michael’s Mount (or “Mont Saint-Michel”, but said in English, and it immediately slams a lot more) is located in the South West of England, in Cornwall. Basically, the two Michels face each other and are separated by less than 400 km of sea. Doesn’t that break your heart, you, these two Siamese separated forever by their own sea??? I find that awful.

Top 10 french stuff replicas in the world

8. Maisons-Laffitte Castle

A new ultra-ecological construction. In Beijing, a promoter had a carbon copy of this huge shack built. Normal. I’d love to know what’s going on in these guys’ heads when they wake up one fine morning saying to themselves “hey, what if I was to spend 300 million dollars to build something that already exists, identically? Just for my little personal love. » IN BRIEF. He did it. Finally done. In less than two years. To remain humble, its owner named it the Zhang-Laffitte. Its name attached to that of the castle.

To make this little cocoon a little more fun; he added to this decor gardens inspired by those of Vaux-le-Vicomte, all on a pretty little artificial island, in the heart of a park, designed exclusively to accommodate the wealthy Chinese. Ahhhh simplicity and respect for the planet, when you hold us.

9. Not to be confused with…

Château Lafite wine. Which has nothing to do. Well, apart from the fact that it’s French. And imitated in China. And that it is a wine monument. But hey, there, it’s more counterfeit than imitation. According to the Association for Urban Development in Asia Pacific: 70% of Lafite in China are fake. For bottles that can cost up to more than 140,000 euros, it tingles. It even hurts a lot in the ass.

10. Bouges Castle

= the “Little Trianon”. = Reproduction of Marie-Antoinette’s favorite residence in Versailles. But in Berry. Damn, if France itself begins to reproduce French monuments, I’m afraid to find a pseudo Arc de Triomphe in Toulouse one day… WHAT? THERE IS ALREADY ONE ????

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