Top 10 French songs that make you the most uncomfortable

There are lots of happy songs that are actually creepy but there are also really uncomfortable songs that we keep hearing on the radio when frankly, we would all prefer to listen to a little fun sound like Tal’s Meaning of Life. Unfortunately, life is a female dog, what do you want?

1. Lemon Incest – Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg

It’s still crazy when you think about it: nothing is right in this song. Of course, we’re already going to talk about the vile lyrics and the clip with Gainsbourg and his daughter who was only 13 at the time and probably doesn’t even understand what she’s saying. On top of all that, Charlotte’s voice is unbearable, Serge’s isn’t really any better and even the background beat is bad. I am uncomfortable from the first notes.

2. I want to marry her for one night – Michel Sardou

To stay within the theme of pedophilia, we have I want to marry her for one night of Sardou (the king of the song of shit). We therefore learn that he would like to “love a child” and “take her from her parents” but in addition, it is not just any child since she would “bleed the same blood” as him. Fun.

3. The Handicapped – Paulo de Domoy

This song is less known than the others and that’s good. A child sings with an unbearably nasal voice and the overall idea of ​​the lyrics is that people with disabilities are a burden on their families and “would be better off up there”. Always nice to hear.

4. Colonial times – Michel Sardou

Sardou has said many times that his lyrics should be taken literally, but that doesn’t prevent us from being deeply uncomfortable listening to words like “In the past at Colomb-Béchar, I had lots of black servants, and four daughters in my bed, in the blessed time of the colonies”

5. On black music – Thierry Pastor

If you want to listen to a list of songs grouped together only because they are sung by black artists, you have come to the right place. “Black music”? Really ?

6. La Petite – France Gall and Maurice Biraud

Ah nice, a little more pedophilia for the road. Poor France Gall was manipulated throughout her childhood and adolescence by despicable characters from the world of song and this one is no exception. Basically, an old pervert tries to rape his best friend’s daughter, still a child, and everyone thinks it’s normal.

7. Being a woman – Michel Sardou

“And if I imagined the daily life of a woman, if only for a moment? Well no mate, it doesn’t really work that way. And oddly, it gives a super misogynistic title as we like.

8. Melissa – Julien Clerc

Here is another beautiful song that sounds happy but is actually about a woman who is being harassed, who calls for help without receiving help and who is surrounded by disgusting voyeurs and fetishists. Yes it’s crazy we had never really listened to the lyrics until then.

9. Nonsense – Sabine Paturel

I had never really listened to the lyrics of this song which are really horrible. In fact, the woman is infantilized to the point of saying herself that it is impossible to leave her alone and that if we leave her, her revenge will be childish and ridiculous.

10. Cities of Great Solitude – Michel Sardou

According to this song by Sardou, it’s completely understandable to kill time by raping women when you’ve been drunk all day. Why bother being a decent human being when you can rob banks, kill people, run through red lights and drink the tears of raped women?

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