Top 10 French people only French people don’t like (because we’re shitty)

In France, we may be sacred chauvinists, but we do not always defend our creative flesh. The proof, there’s a bunch of French people who are a hit abroad and who are repudiated in France, so go find out why their faces don’t come back to us. Let us pay homage to these hated shadows. But who are in fact serious known.

1. Franky Zapata, inventor of the Fly Board

France remained one of the only countries not to approve its super machine. Alright, that’s it again. But he was recently liable to prison because he carried out tests in France with this prohibited object, which in itself constitutes an offense. The guy, clearly France doesn’t like him.

2. Zaz

Who knows why, the hippie side citizen of the world based on sarouel-djembe combo has not taken so much in France. At least not as much as abroad where the girl is still exported to more than 50 countries and produced the best-selling French album in the world in 2013. A hypothesis to explain this mystery: maybe that they don’t understand the lyrics.

3. David Guetta

Well OK the guy is not totally despised in France, but compared to his success beyond the borders, the little David is clearly more adored abroad. It’s also cool that he exports the poetry of French song in this way, frankly we were tired of hearing only Edith Piaf at the end.

4. Yelle

Another beautiful French exploration that does not smash the concert halls as much as that in France. Yelle rather connects the American tours. And I take the liberty of pointing out that it’s a pity because his concerts are very good and only a being dead in the soul will refuse until the end to move his ball there.

Top 10 french people only french people don't like (because we're shitty)
Photo credits (CC0 1.0): Eddy BERTHIER from Brussels, Belgium

5. Marion Cotillard

The girl is hot. The girl only plays in good films (mostly). The girl fucks Guillaume Canet. But well, it was enough for her to say two or three things that went wrong about the attacks of September 11, and for her to have embodied the most pathetic death in cinema, that was enough to make us hate her in France . Personally, I love you Marion.

Top 10 french people only french people don't like (because we're shitty)
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0):

6. Jean-Michel Jarre

He is the quintessential symbol of the French Touch, and yet the guy is not so famous in France despite having sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. The Jonas class. But Jean-Michel. Finally you understood.

7. Carla Bruni

No one had a particular passion for Carla Bruni, but indifference has suddenly turned into aversion since she married a certain Nicolas S., President of France. However, abroad, it works rather well. Look, his album “French Touch” had sold 102,000 copies abroad when it had only 50,000 sales in France. In Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Germany we love it, but we don’t.

8. Hélène Rolles

Even if for us it will always be Hélène, Helen and the boys, Hélène Rollès has had a career as a singer for all this time, which we don’t give a damn about in France. Be aware, however, that she smashes everything, especially in China where her concert tickets can cost more than 150 bucks. The joke.

9. Francois Hollande

Well yeah finally, it’s a typically French thing holland bashing (not to be confused with the Holland Bashung, when the president sings in the shower) but abroad, he is rather respected, at the same time it’s normal it’s like parents, we always like those of others because that we don’t hit them on a daily basis.

Top 10 french people only french people don't like (because we're shitty)
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10. Olivier Giroud

Not particularly liked by the French, the guy is nevertheless an example of hard work and good behavior on and off the pitch. That, our English friends have understood, but in France, the idea is struggling to make its way. The fault of a game that is not particularly technical or elegant, but nevertheless very effective.

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