Top 10 French cities where it will not be good to live with climate change

Do you want to land somewhere in France, buy a house and why not stay there for a good part of your life? Well be careful, because with the disruption and global warming, some regions of our beautiful country will become more and more unlivable. We took a look at the future and clearly the French coast and the east of France are the areas most at risk.

1. Saint-Nazaire

Alas, the city of Saint-Nazaire risks becoming very expensive by the end of the century. It should be affected by the rising waters, see its regional park of Brière and all the small surrounding towns like Mesquer, Le Croisic, Piriac-sur-Mer almost submerged. Then, Saint-Nazaire is also one of the 20 cities that will see their periods of heat waves increase the most intensely. Double penalty for Saint-Nazaire.

2. Annecy

Unfortunately for the most pleasant and sporting city in France, the next few decades are likely to be difficult. Located far from the coast, and surrounded by the Alps, its periods of heat waves will greatly increase in 2040 with an average of 16 days and 11 nights. It doesn’t seem that big, but if the periods of heat waves increase, then the hot and very hot days too.

3. Bordeaux

A city invaded by Parisians in recent years, Bordeaux would become a city invaded by water. Located in the southwest and on the banks of the Garonne, the city would be a little expensive with the overflow of the river. With 4°C more, it is downright the cathedral that would find itself with its feet in the water. Nice atmosphere when you pray to baby Jesus.


With 3°C more, some districts of Nice would be completely under water. No more sunbathing on the city beaches, no more running on the Promenade des Anglais. In the end, everyone would live on Mont-Boron and step on it. Nobody wants that.

5. Lyons

Lyon should experience the same fate as Annecy. Located near the mountains, so far from the coastal winds, the city should warm up a lot while keeping its little pollution peaks that we love. After Annecy, it is the city which will undoubtedly gain the most periods of heat waves. Fortunately, people will be able to enjoy the Rhône lol.

6. Paris

Already basic, Paris is not an oasis of well-being, but with climate change, it will become worse. Indeed, the city is an “urban heat island”, and this small bubble will continue to heat up over the years, increasing the temperature differences with neighboring cities. More rain, less sun, and not to mention the multiple pollutions that will intensify, Paris will become a hell.

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7. Dunkirk

The question is not to know if at the base it was good to live in Dunkirk, but rather to know what it will become. One might think that Hauts-de-France is safe, but no. All the towns on the coast will be affected by the rising waters, Dunkirk first, with Calais, Grande-Synthe and Saint-Omer. Obviously, it will not be the whole city, but enough to push back the populations in the lands.

8. Le Havre

Yes, even Normandy will be affected by climate change, but more by rising sea levels than by significant warming. The Seine will overflow strongly, much more than everywhere and thus, it will always be ugly in Le Havre, and in addition you will have soaked socks.

9. Biarritz – Anglet

I put the two cities at the same time because they are neighbors. With only 2°C more, Anglet would be mainly affected by the overflow of the Adour. Biarritz too, but to a lesser extent. You got it, all coasts and estuaries will end up underwater.

10. Saint Malo

Because no one is immune, Brittany will also be affected. With a few degrees more, three-quarters of the city of Saint-Malo will be submerged by the waves. And even if it’s in Normandy, I put it here, but Mont-Saint-Michel is ciao direct.

Top 10 French cities where it will not be good
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And again I’m not talking about all the islands that will reduce in surface area and eventually disappear. Clearly there will not be much left in France to live in dry and cool apart from Angers, Reims and Chartres. Go make Angers the 1st French megalopolis then.

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